[act-ma] 7PM, this Thurs: Marxism and the Economic Crisis

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Tue Feb 3 09:28:38 PST 2009

Education Meeting: Marxism and the Economic Crisis

7PM, Thursday, February 5th
42 Seaverns Ave
Jamaica Plain
(near Green St. T, Orange line; or Myrtle St., 39 bus)

Hundreds of thousands of layoffs and lost jobs.  Home foreclosures.  Failing banks.  The economic crisis is all around us.  Yet while the banks have received billions of dollars in bailouts, the working class will be the ones who have to shoulder the hardship of the crisis.  This comes after 30 years of siphoning money to the top while those of us on the bottom, the ones who make society run, have made do with less and less.  

As Marxists, an understanding of crisis is crucial to forming a fightback against government budget cuts to our social services, rising unemployement, underfunding in our schools.  Join us for a discussion about the forming of the current economic crisis, the ideas for understanding why capitalism creates these situations, and why an organized working class is the only force which can provide solutions for working people.

Suggested reading to inform the discussion:

Marx's Theory of Economic Crisis

Capitalism's worst crisis since the 1930s

Sponsored by International Socialist Organization,International Socialist Review

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