[act-ma] Wed 2/25 DSA Forum EFCA and the Fight against Inequality

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Mon Feb 16 12:39:16 PST 2009

Wed Feb 25 Boston DSA Forum
Employee Free Choice Act and the Fight Against Inequality


Harris Gruman, Service Employees International Union 
	Massachusetts Political Director

Elaine Bernard, Executive Director, Labor and Worklife 
	Program, Harvard Law School & DSA Vice Chair 

Steve Schnapp, Education Coordinator, United for a Fair Economy 

The American worker and union organizers face steep legal and 
employer-based opposition during unionization drives.  New legislation 
called the Employee Free Choice Act would make it easier to 
democratically form unions with majority-sign up and create stiffer 
penalties for illegal union busting.  Naturally, the bill is facing 
slander from the right-wing and weak support from the new Democratic 
majority in Washington.  Yet, the passage of the Employee Free Choice 
Act is very possible.  It will only happen, however, through a massive 
push from the grassroots and public education. Join Democratic 
Socialists of America, Massachusetts SEIU Political Director Harris 
Gruman, trade unionist and Democratic Socialists of America Vice Chair 
Elaine Bernard, and a Steve Schnapp from United for a Fair Economy for 
analysis and arguments about the importance of this legislation in 
challenging inequality and expanding democracy in these historic times.

The goal of this presentation is to build knowledge about the Employee 
Free Choice Act and its components, such as majority sign-up, mandatory 
arbitration, and increased fines against anti-union activity.  Attendees 
of this event will leave more prepared to talk with their friends, 
family, and colleagues about the bill and build grassroots pressure to 
push Congress and the White House in the right direction.

Please contact David Duhalde (mailto:david.duhalde at gmail.com) for more 
information.  The event is cosponsored by United for a Fair Economy and 
Massachusetts Jobs with Justice. 

You can download a PDF flyer at http://dsaboston.org/LaborsLastStand.pdf

Date & Time: 
Wed Feb 25, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

The Democracy Center
45 Mt. Auburn St. (Harvard Square) 
Cambridge MA 02138
617-492-8855 www.democracycenter.org

Boston Democratic Socialists of America
P.O. Box 51356, Boston MA 02205
(617) 354-5078

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