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Please contact Maura for more information or to volunteer:  lubberland at riseup.net
BREAD and PUPPET's Coming to Boston MARCH 15th and 16th!!!
                         ***Brand New Show**

             "27 Dirt-Cheap Money Dances, performed by the
                 Lubberland National Dance Company."

Where: Spontaneous Celebrations
           45 Danforth St., Jamaica Plain
When:  Sunday, March 15th, 6pm & 8pm
           Monday, March 16th, 8pm
How:    Suggested DONATION $5-15
Who:   Calling for volunteers! Contact Maura Gahan; lubberland at riseup.net
           See below for details...

27 DIRT CHEAP MONEY DANCES is about...money.

     Money pretends to be everybody’s good uncle but clearly is neither
uncle nor good. It lures junior citizens into its university and then
grinds them up in its wage slavery mill. You give it a finger and it grabs
you, body and soul, until you flee to Lubberland and fight it with all the
available garbage weaponry of the money civilization.

     The dirt-cheap money dances won't solve the money problems because
those solutions are the subject matter of Hell. Therefore the
frolicking dances take money to its public execution in the
time-honored military style which says: to hell with it. And consequently you do a potato dance to realize your own soul's similarity to the dirt-covered spud. In these
dances, the money-deficient dancers of Lubberland will employ Karl Marx to
put the dirt-cheap aspects of money into timely perspective.


Bread and Puppet Theater is coming to invade Boston with a brand new show,
"27 Dirt Cheap Money Dances, " performed by the Lubberland National Dance
Company.  We're looking for 10-50 Bostonian volunteers to officially
become the Lubberland National Dance Company. Volunteers learn the entire
show in an afternoon, have dinner, and end with an evening performance for
the public. Contact Maura Gahan: lubberland at riseup.net
Why a Lubberland Dance Company?

In the 1950s Peter Schumann, Bread & Puppet’s founder, moved from Germany
to New York to work with Merce Cunningham’s modern dance troupe. Schumann
was both a choreographer and a sculptor with an interest in reviving the
avant-garde and folkloric arts that had been diminished in the Second
World War. The merging of these forms laid the foundations for the Bread &
Puppet Theater, whose puppets can be considered “choreographed sculpture"
steeped in a tradition of experimental rusticism. After over 40 years of
being known for his puppetry, Schumann has returned to his roots by
forming The Lubberland Dance Company with a mixed group of dancers and
non-dancers. So far the Lubberland Dances have only been seen in Vermont
and New York City. This tour will bring more people to see—and to perform
as—Lubberland Dancers in cities and towns around North America.

The Lubberland National Dance Company is an itinerant dance company
that specializes in problem solving dances, victory dances for victories
and collateral damage dances for victims. The repertory also includes
wedding dances for normally hostile populations and their rulers, national
funeral dances in response to the most recent wars of Lubberland and
total peace and harmony dances with no meaning whatsoever.

We're NOW BOOKING for the Big Spring Tour! If interested in hosting,
volunteering, or attending the B&P performance please contact:

Maura Gahan
lubberland at riseup.net
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