[act-ma] 03/23 - Community Land Trusts - Shelburne Falls, MA

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Sat Mar 7 17:12:06 PST 2009

Land for community.  Community for land.

Discussion with the Valley Community Land Trust

Monday, March 23rd, 2009 – 6:30pm -7:30pm

Boswell’s Books 10 Bridge Street Shelburne Falls, MA

“Land belongs to a large family of man, some of whom are dead, many of
whom are living and most of whom are yet unborn.” – Nigerian Chief

The Valley Community Land Trust, a 30-year-old non-profit in western
Massachusetts, is inviting the community to learn more about their
work and the community land trust model.  The “CLT” model is used
across the country by hundreds of organizations to provide access to
affordable housing and protect land for the long-term.

The Valley Community Land Trust (VCLT) has taken on the task of
stewarding parcels of land in Franklin County Massachusetts so that
the community – past, present and future – can have a say in what is
done with the land.  Is it a good place for housing?  Farming?
Ecological preservation?  How will our actions today impact the land
and its ecology?  What is a reasonable price for access to land?
These questions can be asked and considered when land is owned by a
land trust.

Since 1977, when VCLT was incorporated, we have acquired through
donations and purchase, over 200 acres of land in Franklin County, MA.
This land has provided homes for more than 50 people and provided a
base for agriculture, forestry and various cottage industries.

This event is hosted by Boswell’s Books a local independent bookstore
since 1991 that began specializing in sustainability and permaculture
books in 2008.  As part of their mission they strive to foster a
vibrant and resilient community and reinvest profits in restorative
economics and land base regeneration.

Valley Community Land Trust: www.VCLT.org

Boswells Books: www.boswellsbooks.com

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