[act-ma] Boycott Motorola Action Sat. Mar 14 at 2PM, Harvard Sq.T-Mobile & Boston Verizon

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Tue Mar 10 22:29:13 PDT 2009

 Boycott Motorola Action 
Saturday March 14, 2:00 pm
    Where: Choose either 
    T-Mobile, Harvard Square,  1438 Massachusetts 
Ave.   near The Body 

Wireless, 745 Boylston 
Street , close to intersection with 
Motorola's Weapons 
Kill Children in Palestine
Motorola Profits 
from War Crimes
Choose Peace; Boycott Motorola
Your Cell Phone Kills 
Palestinian Children
Hang Up on 
Why Motorola?.
Bomb Fuses: 
Motorola Israel sells fuses that the Israeli 
Air Forces uses in their MK-80 series of bombs. On July 30, 2006, during its war 
on Lebanon , the Israeli Air 
Force dropped an MK-84 bomb on an apartment building in Qana , Lebanon ,
killing at least 
28 civilians.
Communication Devices for Occupation: 
Motorola’s $100 
million “Mountain Rose” communication system enhances the efficiency of Israeli 
occupying forces. Patterns of human rights violations in the Occupied 
Palestinian include, but are not limited to, the killing and injuring of 
civilians, torture, extra-judicial assassinations, deliberate destruction of 
civilian infrastructure, acts of collective punishment and economic 
Surveillance Devices for Israel ’s Illegal 
Motorola supplies the “Wide Area Surveillance System” 
(WAAS) to monitor
and maintain Israel ’s illegal wall constructed in 
violation of the July 2004
International Court of Justice (ICJ) advisory opinion. 
This wall is perhaps the
strongest symbol 
of Israeli Apartheid, carving the West Bank into Bantustans .
Surveillance Devices for Israel ’s Illegal Settlements: 
Motorola has made $93 million providing radar 
detection devices and thermal cameras for 47 illegal Israeli settlements on 
Palestinian land. Israel ’s confiscation of Palestinian 
land, illegal settlements, illegal wall, and continued occupation would not be 
possible without Motorola's compliance.
In the past, Motorola has yielded to public pressure 
and stopped it's cooperation with human rights abusing regimes in  South Africa and  Burma . We can draw from this legacy 
to end Motorola’s current support for Israeli 
-- Emergency Gaza 
Coalition -- 

In keeping the momentum going following Israel's atrocious 
assault on Gaza, the loose 
emergency coalition that formed in opposition to that attack continues to meet 
to organize around the issue. The group has decided to take on Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) as an 
umbrella framework through which to plan and organize. Under that umbrella are 
multiple groups that work on actions, educational events, media messaging, 
campus activism...etc. If you are interested in organizing around the issue of 
Palestine, please join us (even if your interests are not 
Next Meeting: Tuesday March 17, 7 PM Palestine Cultural Center for 
For BDS Basics, 


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