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Boston Palestine Film Festival

BPFF Upcoming Events and News!

March 2009

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Dear friends
of the BPFF
We are pleased to announce the following two exciting events for Sunday April 5th!

Back by
popular demand:
Slingshot Hip Hop

Sunday April 5th 4:30pm
Kendall  Sq. Cinema
One Kendall Sq. Cambridge
Jackie Salloum will be present.The Hip Hop
group DAM from Palestine will also be present
at the film. A short performance will follow the film and Q&A!!

DAM & Suheir Hammad

April 5th 8pm

Ryles Jazz Club

212 Hampshire St. Cambridge

Please join
the BPFF, Critical Breakdown and the Boston Palestine Education Project for a
great line up of performers featuring DAM from Palestine, and the Palestinian Poetess
Suheir Hammad!

Dear friends,
The film
festival needs your support! We are in the middle of the screening process of a
great line up of submitted films for our upcoming film festival planned for Oct.
 16 -
31, 2009.  Many are from Gaza chronicling
the horror of the latest Israeli aggression, like the documentary Erased Wiped off
the Map. This year we are featuring
director Rashid Masharawi,
the creator of the Mobile Cinema project which brings film screenings to the
Palestinian Refugee camps. His retrospective will include his new film Laila's Birthday,
and the films Waiting and Curfew. Two of our biggest hits this year are made by
women directors; Pomegranates
and Myrrh by director Najwa Najjar and Amreekaby Cherien Dabis, among many other
 new and important films, such as the documentary on Palestinian labor exploitation
Seeds of Peace.
We will be
back again this year at our great venues, with our special director appearances
and exciting cultural programming!
We know that these are hard times for everyone,
but even a $20 donation makes a big difference. If 100 of you gave us $20 each, 
we'd be able to fly a director from
overseas or we'd be able to run an add for the festival in the Metro for
Please come
to support Gaza and the film festival at our April 5th events.
We thank
you for your continued support.
BPFF Organizing Committee
Click here please to support the film festival [http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=jod9rzcab.0.fh858scab.k89odgcab.0&ts=S0388&p=http%3A%2F%2Fbostonpalestinefilmfest.org%2Fsupport.html]


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