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Alan Dershowitz 

at UMASS Boston

Wednesday April 1, 3pm

Lipke Auditorium, 2nd floor, Science Building, UMASS Boston

***ORGANIZING Meetingagainst Alan Dershowitz 
and to ORGANIZE a Forum on Palestine at UMB***

Monday March 30, 5pm
Umass Boston, Campus Center, 3rd Floor, Campus Activity Center

Why Should We Protest Alan Dershowitz? 

*Dershowitz has led the opposition against a recent divestment-from-Israel campaign at Hampshire College. 

*In 2002, Dershowitz published an editorial in the Jerusalem Post saying that, as a tactic to stop Palestinian resistance, the Zionist regime should destroy entire Palestinian villages.
*After left-Zionist author/professor Norman Finkelstein pointed out that Dershowitz’s book “The Case for Israel” is plagiarized as well as being wrong about the history of Palestine, Dershowitz retaliated against Finkelstein by getting Finkelstein’s appearance at the Harvard Book Store cancelled, and eventually by using his influence to get DePaul University to deny tenure to Finkelstein. 

*Dershowitz is also notorious for calling for government agencies in the United States to be allowed to torture suspects.  He suggested that sticking needles under people’s fingernails would be a good method. 

Come Organize and Build a Strong Movement for Palestine 

at UMASS Boston and Boston-at-Large

Monday March 30, 5pm 

UMASS Boston, Campus Center 3rd Floor, Student Activities Center

***This meeting is about continuing to organize against Israel's atrocious occupation against Palestinians. We need to organize a strong and broad campaign that forces our schools and community to boycott and divest from Israel. Lets stop US aid to Israel and stop the Israeli occupation. And, lets start by organizing to protest Alan Dershowitz in order to publicly put forward a vision for a FREE PALESTINE!!!

For more information contact: ateacherteacher at gmail.com 

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