[act-ma] April 2, Mahmood Mamdani: Darfur, Politics, and the War on Terror

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   Saviors and Survivors:
   Darfur, Politics, and the War on Terror
   Harvard Book Store is pleased to welcome Herbert Lehman Professor of
   Government at Columbia MAHMOOD MAMDANI (/Good Muslim, Bad Muslim/) 
 for a discussion of his latest book, a re-examination of the humanitarian
   intervention in Darfur within the context of the history of Sudan.
   "Mamdani traces the path to the Darfur tragedy through its historical
   and colonial roots to the current situation, where drought and
   desertification have led to conflict over land among local tribes,
   rebellion, and finally to the brutal involvement of the forces of the
   state and to the efforts of the United Nations and others to help the
   victims and stop the violence. His radical reevaluation of the Darfur
   problem is a major contribution to understanding and, it is to be
   hoped, to ending a shocking human disaster." -Sir Brian Urquhart,
   former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations
   "An incisive and challenging analysis. Framing both Darfur's war and
   the 'Save Darfur' movement within the paradigm of the West's historic
   colonial encounter with Africa, Mahmood Mamdani challenges the reader
   to reconsider whether Darfur's crisis is 'genocide' warranting 
 foreign military intervention." -Alex de Waal (/War in Darfur/), Fellow at
   Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government
   "Mahmood Mamdani has turned his fearless independence of mind on
   Darfur, Sudan, and the so-called 'War on Terror,' producing a book
   that is as passionate and well-informed as it is intelligent and (for
   those used only to surface orthodoxies) challenging." -Conor Gearty,
   Director of the Centre for the Study of Human Rights at the London
   School of Economics
   "A brilliantly argued and profoundly challenging critique of liberal
   support for humanitarian intervention in Darfur. Beyond this, Mamdani
   sets forth an alternative approach to such catastrophic situations.
   This book should be required reading for the Obama foreign policy
   team." -Richard Falk, United Nations Special Rapporteur and Professor
   Emeritus, Princeton University
   General Info:
   617.661.1424 ex.1
   mcook at harvard.com <mailto:mcook at harvard.com
   Event Information
   *DATE:* Thursday, April 2nd
   *TIME:* 7:00 PM
   *LOCATION:* *Harvard Book Store*
   1256 Massachusetts Avenue
   *TICKETS:* This event is free; no tickets are required
   *Mahmood Mamdani* is Herbert Lehman Professor of Government and a
   member of the departments of anthropology; political science; and
   Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures (MEALAC) at the 
 School of
   International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. His previous
   books include /Good Muslim, Bad Muslim; Citizen and Subject; /and
   /When Victims Become Killers/. Originally from Uganda, he now divides
   his time between Kampala and New York, where he lives with his wife
   and son.
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