[act-ma] Democracy Day at the State House :: 4/29

Adam Friedman adam at electionaction.org
Sun Apr 19 21:14:08 PDT 2009

Your presence is requested for fun and political change...

Democracy Day at the State House
Election Reform Lobby Day

 WED APRIL 29th, 2009
10AM - 1:30PM  ("lunch lobby" available if you work during the day -- email
or call for more details!) 

Massachusetts State House, Room 437


* Learn about your state government.  
* Create historic, institutional change.  
* Meet passionate people.  
* Enjoy a free catered lunch.
Contact Cheryl Crawford: ccrawford at massvote.org,  617-542-8683 x 211

This is the BIG ONE

Big as in, pressing the flesh, in the halls of power, once a year,
structural changes to our election system BIG ONE.  We're talking a
coalition of over 30 grassroots community groups, including Common Cause and
MassVOTE, (and of course, Election Action
in=0&destination=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.electionaction.org> ) that have devoted
four years to making these reforms a reality.  We're talking catered buffet
lunch, and guest speakers from within and without the golden dome sitting
atop that great, shining, democratic Beacon... Hill, that is.
Policy Goals: 1) Election Day Registration
F902270363%2F1116> , 2) National Popular Vote
ver-the-national-popular-vote-compact-today-in-waltham%2F> , 3) Voters First

Short History 

EDR and NPV made unprecedented progress last summer.  EDR got through one
chamber.  NPV got through both and barely missed getting to the governor's
The Deal 

In light of this unusual level of attention (90% of all bills die a slow,
dusty death), this year promises an easier sell.  You're just going to
remind your senator and representative to finish what they started and push
these great pro-democracy bills over the goal line!
Pep Talk 

Nervous about meeting your elected officials
in=0&destination=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.wheredoivotema.com> ?  Don't be!  They
actually love having constituents like you come and pay them a visit.  It
serves as an inspiring reminder that what our officials do quietly impacts
our lives every day.  The coalition will feed you, train you, supply you
with materials, and answer all of your questions, before you fan out in
groups to chat it up.
You Can't Not Go
OK, if you've gotten this far, then perhaps you realize that actually, you
have no choice.  You must attend Democracy Day.  This is a direct order.  I
look forward to hearing from you.

Declaration of Appreciation 

I, Adam Friedman, do hereby pour out my undying appreciation for your
replying with your "YES, I'M IN!" and going against the grain of our
"business as usual" political life of average America Joe Six-Pack and
embracing your Obama-powered hankerin' for change.  I mean, why should our
prez shave years off of his life stumping daily and fretting nightly about
our economy, our security, and our future, while we continue to whittle away
this historic political opportunity in our private wealth-acquiring (or
perhaps job-losing), hobby-honing, love-making pursuits.  There's a
government here that yearns for your participation beyond the cut you give
it every April 15.  Join us!
I'm Out of Ideas
Why must you torture yourself so by scrolling down this far?  Stop reading
already!  Just reply with your affirmative RSVP.
Here's to new directions,
Adam Friedman



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