[act-ma] Auto Bailouts and Crisis... The Death of the American Dream - Auto Worker Speaks Out!

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Auto Bailouts and Crisis...

*The Death of the American Dream*

*Auto Worker Speaks Out! **

*Thursday, May 14th

7:00 - Boston, MA

Encuentro Cinco
33 Harrison Avenue (5th Floor)

Hosted by Socialist Alternative


 An assembly line auto worker at the Ford plant in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Brett is a rank-and-file activist in the United Auto Workers Local 879
(Speaking in a personal capacity) and a member of Socialist Alternative.

Auto workers in the 1930s carried out massive sit-down strikes to win union
recognition, better pay, benefits and conditions. Then, auto workers became
a symbol of the American dream. Today, big business is carrying out attacks
on working people, and the auto workers are first on the chopping block.
With a union leadership that often refuses to fight, workers face colossal
layoffs, cuts in pay and elimination of benefits.

Brett Hoven will be discussing his experience as an auto worker, the need to
transform the labor movement and the democratic socialist alternative to the
dictatorship of big business. Join us for this important meeting!

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