[act-ma] Award winning, critically acclaimed one man play based on the Iraq war journey of a gay U.S Marine

Nate Goldshlag nateg at pobox.com
Thu May 14 13:54:10 PDT 2009

A remarkable theater event will be happening starting next week in  
Boston.  I urge you all to see this play.

Nate Goldshlag
Coordinator, Smedley D. Butler Brigade Veterans For Peace

The Eyes of Babylon

Award winning, critically acclaimed one man play based on the Iraq war  
journey of gay U.S Marine Jeff Key

949 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
MAY 21 through JUNE 6, 2009
(866) 811 4111

Play website:

"In so fervently and colorfully crafting his all-too-human story, Key  
demonstrates that the triumphant journey through one's own psyche is  
perhaps the greatest adventure of all."
--The Hollywood Reporter

"CRITICS' CHOICE: Disarms our defenses with considerable humor and  
lingering punch . . . A poetic depiction worthy of Allen Ginsberg."
--L.A. Times

"CRITCS' PICK: His performance really soars . . . he'll be an  
unstoppable force."
--L.A. Weekly

"CRITICS' CHOICE: An important piece . . . sadly conveys the human  
cost of this unnecessary war."
--San Francisco Chronicle

"The Eyes of Babylon is a brave play that is gripping, poetic and  
deeply moving."
--RTE Ireland

"[With] genuine compassion, anger and tears, this revelation naturally  
packs a vital punch."
-- Dublin Metro

"Deafeningly simple yet monumentally epic . . . could some day change  
the world."
--Backstage West

"A powerful one-man show . . . from humor to tears to outrage in the  
blink of an eye."
--The Advocate

"I was blown away by Jeff's artistry. He was meant to influence us all."
--Lily Tomlin

"He is magnificent in every way. I was so moved!"
--Jane Wagner

"The Eyes of Babylon is as astonishing to me as any other work of art  
which appears, fresh, from a highly gifted artist. I was drawn into  
it, disarmed, and stilled to a state of positive shock and awe. As  
moved as I was throughout the presentation, I didn't weep until later,  
when the worth and weight of it had sunk in."
--Joan Baez

“Jeff Key is the living embodiment of the Great American ideal...  
compassionate, fair and honorable. He is my American hero.”

"Jeff Key's The Eyes of Babylon is a moving, touching, thought- 
provoking piece of theatre that is important and deeply disturbing.   
Do not miss it!"
--Del Shores

"Knowing Jeff personally I was privileged to watch some of the events  
unfold in 'real life time', but when I saw the stage version of his  
story and of his struggle, I was moved beyond words..."
-- Leslie Jordan

"[It's] as if Jack Kerouac went to war."
-- Salt Lake City Weekly

"It's the actor's blend of humor and pathos that makes his story  
compelling theater. [An] honest, profane account of his journey of  
--Salt Lake Tribune

"A different night of theater . . . a well-told story . . .  
beautifully written."
--Deseret Morning News

"Key's perspectives are intensely emotional with a sense of noble  
--The Kentucky Kernel

"It is an artful unburdening of his private struggles.  Being himself  
becomes an exultant act performed on a stage where Key is obviously  
right at home."
-- Birmingham Weekly

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