[act-ma] June 2nd discussion/workshop on organizing in the workplace and unemployment line

Molly Adelstein peacepunk315 at yahoo.com
Wed May 27 17:46:27 PDT 2009

Forward widely!
Discussion and workshop on organizing and agitating at the job and on the
unemployment line!

Tuesday, June 2nd, 5:15 pm, at the Lucy Parsons Center. Free Pizza
provided (both vegan and regular pizza!)

As the recession deepens, as the politicians continue to bail out their
friends while raising our taxes and cutting our services, as the sham that
is capitalism becomes clearer to working people by the day, as working
class folks across the world respond to hunger and fear with rage and
social struggle, United States anarchists have by and large remained on
the sidelines. Let's set things right.

We're living in a potentially revolutionary period, its time to get
agitating and organizing!

Join BAAM on Tuesday June 2nd at 5:15pm-7pm at the Lucy Parsons Center
(549 Columbus Ave, Boston). There will be some experienced organizers
there to share their tales and advice, but please bring your own stories
and ideas.

The discussion will not only include salting, direct action and ways to
facilitate collective organization of our workplaces (be them through
traditional unions, the IWW or independent unions) talking to your
co-workers about revolution and the issues, but we will also talk about
unemployed organizing, creative ways to agitate at unemployment offices,
unemployed unions and the possibility of the formation of collective
businesses and other productive projects of the organized unemployed.

The workshop will be directly followed by the monthly BAAM meeting.

-Brought to you by the Anarchist Education Working Group and members of
the Industrial Workers of the World.
   Hope to see you there!

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