[act-ma] 6/04 - Free UPandOUT film screening: "Evidence of Revision, Part 4" - Thurs, June 4th

pf soto pfsoto at mynas.com
Sun May 31 21:00:22 PDT 2009

[note: i was told by the distributor that we are first in the nation to 
do a public screening of  /Evidence of Revision/!
note/: _Free Palestine_/_ T-shirts_ will be available for purchase: $8-$10]

Showing Thursday, June 4th, in Cambridge:

*/Evidence of Revision:
The Assassination of America/*                                       
(108 min)    
*Part 4: The RFK assassination as never seen before*

*/Evidence of Revision: the Assassination of Americ/*/a/ is a 5-part 
series that presents publicly unavailable & suppressed historical audio, 
video, and film recordings largely unseen by the American public 
relating to the assassination of the Kennedy brothers, the classified 
"Black Ops" used to intentionally create the massive war in Viet Nam, 
the CIA "mind control" programs and their involvement in the RFK 
assassination and the Jonestown massacre and other important truths of 
our post-modern time.

*/Part 4,/*/ *The RFK assassination as never seen before*/ exposes the 
obvious questions that the 'official story' has left unanswered:

Why was RFK rerouted from his original destination in the hotel straight 
into the path of an assassin's bullet? Who was the girl in the polka dot 
dress seen fleeing the hotel exclaiming "/we shot him, we shot 
Kennedy/"? Was there a CIA presence at the hotel that night? Why were 
additional bullets recovered but never entered into evidence?

Writer-director Shane O'Sullivan, highly skeptical of the official 
report, conducted his own exhaustive investigation. Through exclusive 
interviews with eyewitnesses and investigators, as well as rare archival 
footage and a wealth of expert testimony, O'Sullivan's disturbing 
documentary sheds new light on RFK's murder. For example, through an 
exhaustive analysis of videotapes made at the Ambassador Hotel on the 
night of RFK's assassination, O'Sullivan identified three figures as 
former agents of the CIA. Two of the agents O'Sullivan identified could 
be seen moving away from the hotel pantry shortly after RFK's shooting.

*"The more you know about '/real history/' vs  '/official history/', 
the better equipped you are to see behind the lies of our times."*

7 pm
243 Broadway, Cambridge - corner of Broadway and Windsor,
entrance on Windsor

Please join us for a stimulating night out; bring your friends! Free
film, free refreshments, & free door prizes.
[donations are accepted]

"/You can't legislate good will - that comes through education./" ~ 
Malcolm X

//// *UPandOUT film series  - see http://rule19.org/videos*
Why should YOU care? It's your money that pays for the occupation & 
illegal Israeli settlements.


"/They're buying you off with your own money; the country is not working 
for the average american/" 
"/We are strangely silent, in this national yawn, as our rights 
evaporate./" ~ video /* Washington, You're Fired!*/
"/Well it looks like voting isn't working any more!!!/"  internet viewer 
[works as designed - for the corporate elite]

pf soto 
rule19.org <http://rule19.org>  
UPandOUT.org <http://upandout.org>  
AZAPOI.org <http://azapoi.org>



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