[act-ma] Solidarity Economy Talk & Time Trade Orientation

Julie A. Matthaei jmatthaei at wellesley.edu
Tue Jun 9 12:41:23 PDT 2009

>Time Trade Circle is proud to  present:

>Another Economy is Possible: Introduction to the Solidarity  Economy 

>A workshop led by Professor Julie  Matthaei

>Tuesday June 16, 2009
>6:30 Â p.m.

>Dominant economic institutions, based on narrow  materialistic 
>self-interest, profit-motivation, and consumerism, are in crisis. Â While
>we have been   taught TINA -- there is no alternative -- in fact, we
>are  surrounded with a 
>rich diversity of economic practices and institutions that are  rooted
>values of sharing, cooperation, sustainability, equality, and  justice.
>Â This 
>"solidarity economy” is growing on every continent, often in  response
>to the 
>crises created by the dominant system. 

>This workshop  will introduce the solidarity economy framework, and
>some of the wide  variety of old and new practices and institutions that 
>are springing up  (including Time Banks). Then we will brainstorm about
>that we can reclaim  our economic power and support ourselves, our
>and our communities by  creatively participating in this exciting

>Julie Matthaei is  a co-founder and board member of the U.S. Solidarity 
>Economy Network.  She's also a  professor of economics at Wellesley
>College where she  teaches feminist economics and radical economics, and
>she lives in Cornerstone Cohousing.

>Following  the workshop, there will be an introduction to the local time 
>bank, Time Trade  Circle, for those who are interested. The Time Trade
>is a grassroots, Â community-based group whose members exchange services.
>The Time Trade Circle  lets us share our own skills and get help from
>who offer things we need. Â When you spend an hour helping another
>member, one hour credit is added to your  account. You can spend your
>hours getting 
>services from other members. The Time  Trade Circle's mission is to
>create and  strengthen informal support systems in  the community. See


>Cornerstone Village  Cohousing
>175 Harvey Street 
>Cambridge MA 02140

>For more  information, see

>website:      TimeTradeCircle.org    
>email: Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â [ mailto:TimeTradeCircle at gmail.com
>]TimeTradeCircle at gmail.com
>phone:      Katherine  Ellin 617.868.9855

>This location is in walking distance of the  Alewife T stop on the red 

>The meeting room is wheelchair  accessible, as is the restroom. Limited 
>disability access parking is also  available.  

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