[act-ma] Copley Square Rally to Indict War Criminals of Bush Administration - Tuesdays 5:30 - 6:30 PM

Susan Serpa neimpeach at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 11:00:22 PDT 2009

[Contact information: Susan Serpa, 617-599-5195 sueserpa at gmail.com]

A group of diverse activists from all sides of the political spectrum
(Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Green Party, Socialists,
Independents, etc) will be coming together every Tuesday to demand Attorney
General Eric Holder assign a Special Prosecutor to investigate, Indict and
Prosecute officials of the Bush Administration for War Crimes.

All who want justice, those who want to preserve our Bill of Rights, restore
the reputation of the United States as a beacon of democracy obedient to the
rule of law, those who believe democracy by example is the most effective
means of combating terrorism, are welcome to join in the weekly
demonstrations.  Posters will be provided on site if needed.

The Justice H. Jackson Committee lists 31 members of the Bush Administration
complicit in war crimes.  WarCriminalWatch.org lists 16 additional names.
We support the indictment of each on the lists. (Douglas Feith, who is on
the list as writing one of the infamous "Torture Memos", which provided a
convoluted interpretation of the law therefore authorizing torture, was
designated by Harvard as a visiting scholar.)

The names of those from the Bush Adminsitration whose actions indict
they have contributed, authorized or orchestrated war crimes are as follows
   Elliot Abrams David Addington John Ashcroft Diane Beaver David Becker John
Billinger III  Cofer Black John R. Bolton Steven Bradbury Paul Bremer George
Bush Jay Bybee Stephen Cambone Andrew H. Card Jr. Dick Cheney Michael
Chertoff Robert Delahunty Michael Dunlavey Douglas Feith Tim Flanigan Gen.
Tommy Ray Franks Robert M. Gates Jack Goldsmith Alberto Gonzales Stephen
John Hadley Michael V. Hayden Jim Haynes Lewis Libby Geoffrey Miller Scott
Muller John Dimiri Negroponti James Pavitt Nancy Pelosi Richard Norman
Perle David
H. Petraeus Patrick Philbin Colin Powell Erik D. Prince Condoleeza Rice John
Rizzo Karl Rove Donald Rumsfeld George Tenet Mary Walker Paul D. Wolfowitz John
Yoo Head of CIA's Al Qaeda unit (Name classified)

Susan C. Paine Serpa
Facilitator, Northeast Impeachment Coalition
Coordinator, National Accountability
neimpeach at gmail.com
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