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> Boston CISPES is hiring a Chapter Coordinator!
> Location: 2161 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140
> Application Deadline: until position filled
> Start Date: ASAP
> Contact: Lisa Fuller (617) 576-1709
> Boston CISPES (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador) is
> the local Boston chapter of a national, grassroots, solidarity
> organization.  We have been working since 1980 in solidarity
> with the FMLN (Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front) and the
> Salvadoran social justice movement to promote an alternative to the
> oppressive US-backed policies of the Salvadoran right-wing.
>  Today the struggle for a more just society in El Salvador has arrived at
> a new era, with the democratic election of FMLN president Mauricio Funes
> this past March—the first leftist head of state in the
> country’s history.  Now is an incredibly optimistic time in El Salvador
> for those who have endured decades of right-wing repression and
> poverty-inducing policies.  The next few years will a rugged
> test for the new administration and the social movement as they work to
> tackle a bankrupt government, corrupt institutions, and a stubborn
> right-wing opposition to enact transformative
> democratic and economic policies.  CISPES will be accompanying our allies
> through this new and difficult phase of the struggle, and as always we
> will be ready to rally against efforts by the US
> government to undermine the sovereignty of El Salvador.
> Boston CISPES mobilizes and organizes volunteer activists to carry out
> national CISPES campaigns supporting the social justice movement in El
> Salvador and in opposition to US economic and
> military aggression, and political intervention in Latin America.  In
> addition to coordinating speaking tours, delegations to El Salvador,
> educational events and public protests, CISPES raises money for
> radical organizing in El Salvador, directly supporting the grassroots
> organizing efforts of labor unions, feminist organizations, and the
> broader social movement organizations that are leading
> important struggles against repression and neoliberal policies.
> CISPES is supported almost entirely by grassroots fundraising efforts,
> receiving over 95% of funding from individuals.  We see fundraising as an
> integral part of organizing, and seek to make our work
> self-sustainable by building and maintaining relationships with a strong
> base of politically and socially aware supporters.
> Volunteer Coordination – Recruiting and coordinating local chapter
> volunteers is the heart of the position.  Working with new contacts to
> bring them into the committee; developing political
> consciousness and organizing skills among the members; developing members’
> capacity to carry out the work of the committee, and eventually teach
> others those skills, is a large focus of the
> position.
> Program Coordination – Working with Boston members and the CISPES national
> organization to implement national and local program.  Coordinating
> projects such as the Fall Tour with Salvadoran
> movement leaders; recruiting participants for national CISPES delegations
> to El Salvador and other national gatherings; coordinating grassroots
> outreach; participating in local coalition-building and
> working with allied groups to carry out more effective campaigns;
> coordinating Congressional pressure campaigns and legislative meetings;
> leading street actions; organizing public educational
> events, fundraising events and parties.
> Fundraising – Supervise and implement a chapter development plan to meet
> the chapter’s financial needs.   The fundraising programs in place include
> sustainers, individual donors, fundraising
> events and funding requests from institutions.  These programs are carried
> out by the chapter members and supervised by the coordinator, who will
> coordinate activities such as phoning for
> contributions, sending out regular appeal letters, organizing major donor
> fundraisers, and pitching event attendees for donations.
> MediaR11; Ensuring outreach to the general public and media outlets--in
> English and Spanish--for CISPES program and events. Coordinate the
> preparation of media materials and outreach to media
> outlets, including writing/sending press releases, prepping interview
> talking points, writing articles or letters to the editor; organize press
> conferences.
> Administration – Staffing the office, creating and overseeing the
> maintenance of office systems such as the member database, computers,
> phones and financial books; maintaining chapter materials
> and equipment such as banners, merchandise, flyers, books and movies.
> Since chapter members often work full-time day jobs or are enrolled in
> school, many committee activities fall on nights and weekends. The
> coordinator is expected to participate in all aspects of
> chapter work, attend chapter gatherings, coalition meetings, trainings,
> and other relevant events as necessary to carry out chapter work.  The
> coordinator is accountable to the chapter membership
> and is expected to meet regularly with chapter members to coordinate
> activities, assess progress and development of the program, projects,
> events etc.
> Other responsibilities could include:
> ·      Occasional travel to El Salvador as a delegate (or coordinator)
> with national CISPES delegations
> ·      Attending & involvement in organizing national CISPES gatherings
> such as the bi-annual Convention and internal educational gatherings like
> Summer Camp and Political School
> ·      Attending trainings for activists in basic political,
> organizational, and program-related skills
> ·      Attending & facilitating workshops at regional or national
> progressive gatherings like the US Social Forum and the Latin American
> Solidarity Coalition (LASC) Conference
> ·      1 year of grassroots organizing experience
> ·      Grassroots fundraising experience, or a strong desire and ability
> to learn fundraising skills quickly
> ·      Experience with collective group functioning
> ·      Highly organized and self-motivated
> ·      Ability to meet frequent deadlines and work under pressure in a
> healthy way
> ·      Flexibility to travel occasionally
> ·      Working knowledge of the impact of US policies internationally,
> particularly in El Salvador and Latin America.  This includes
> understanding of globalization, neoliberalism and movements creating
> resistance and alternatives to those policies
> ·      Strong personal identification and dedication to political activism
> and social justice work
> ·      Familiarity with the organizing of other progressive groups and a
> working knowledge of US social movements
> ·      Basic computer skills: Microsoft Office, internet research, email
> software
> ·      1 year commitment, minimum
> ·      Bilingual in Spanish and English
> ·      Experience in supporting leadership and skills development in
> activists
> ·      Experience with media work
> ·      Working knowledge of graphic design and database management software
> Half-time (20-25hrs a week), $12,260/yr plus health benefits. Two weeks
> paid vacation after 6 months, 4 weeks after one year.  Extra stipend
> available for people with children.
> Send a letter (details below) and a detailed description of your relevant
> organizing experience by mail, email or fax to:
> Boston CISPES
> 2161 Massachusetts Ave
> Cambridge, MA 02140
> Email: boscispes at speakeasy.net
> Fax: (617) 661-0829
> Your 1-2 page letter should address:
> ·      Your conception of solidarity and why you are/want to be a
> solidarity organizer
> ·      Why you would like to work with CISPES
> ·      What strengths and experiences in organization building that you
> bring to the position
> ·      Which areas you would like to improve while working as coordinator
> ·      Any other relevant information you want us to know about you
> Call Lisa Fuller (current coordinator) with questions: (617) 576-1709
> People of color, women, gays, lesbians, transgender and gender
> non-conforming people, and persons with disabilities are encouraged to
> apply.

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