[act-ma] 8/4 A Syndicalist Approach to the Economic Crisis (Tues)

Bill Bumpus wbumpus62 at comcast.net
Sun Aug 2 07:32:58 PDT 2009

A Syndicalist Approach to the Economic Crisis
Tuesday, August 4, 7 pm
Lucy Parsons Center

Unions are in full-scale retreat in the face of mass lay-offs, shut-downs and
economic crisis. But even in these difficult economic times, it is possible for
workers to fight back, and to win real gains. Indeed, the modern U.S.
labor movement
was largely built during the Great Depression.

This presentation by Anarcho-Syndicalist Review editorial collective member Jon
Bekken will draw on a volume recently co-edited with Frederic Lee,
Radical Economics
and Labor (Routledge, 2009), to discuss strategies for building
workers' power and
defending our interests through direct action unionism.

Jon Bekken is a former General Secretary-Treasurer of the Industrial
Workers of the
World, author of the introduction to the new edition of Dynamite! The
Story of Class
Violence in America (AK Press 2009), and associate professor at
Albright College in
Reading, Penn.

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