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Please forward widely !
Providence Anarchist Bookfair THIS SATURDAY the 15th.
Get to Empire street in Providence and get down!

During the AS220 foo fest 1pm to 1am ! Beer , fun , books, music ,
revolutionary movement !

http://www.as220.org/foofest/      info on foo fest

http://as220.org/foofest/fooartists.htm (bookfair at the bottom )

Workshops by Ashanti Alston anarchist panther and Queers without Borders !

Both on second floor of Perishable Theater.

Queers without Borders, Queering Anarchism, exploring the intersections of
oppression with a focus on how sexuality and gender relate to the social
thought of anarchism. A panel discussion

Black Panther, Anarchist, and New to Providence
(Explorations in Resistance Community-Building)

Ashanti Alston's at-war, intercommunal panther anarchism  looks at: What
does it mean to move to a new city, start over, meet new people, learn
about and build with new communities?

Please forward widely !
for more info email juice: thematch at riseup.net

        wisdom and thought:

"Everyone is crying out for peace, none is crying out for justice, i dont
want no peace, ima need equal rights and justice!
Everyone talking about crime crime, tell me who are the criminals?
Equal rights and justice and there be no crime there be no criminals,
everyone fighting for equal rights and justice!
I got to get it!"  ~ From Peter Tosh's "Equal Rights"

Laws: We know what they are, and what they are worth! They are spider webs
for the rich and mighty, steel chains for the poor and weak, fishing nets
in the hands of government.
~Pierre Joseph Proudhon quoted in The Match!

... there are reformist strategies that waste the energies of women, that
raise expectations of great change, and that are misleading and alienating
because they cannot deliver the goods. The best (or worst) example is
electoral politics. Some socialists (beguiled by the notion of gradualism)
fall for that one. Anarchists know better. You cannot liberate yourself by
non-liberatory means; you cannot elect a new set of politicians (no matter
how sisterly) to run the same old corrupt institutions -- which in turn
run you.

~Carol Ehrlich

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