[act-ma] 9/17 - Cambridge Climate State of Emergency Public Meeting, 7 p.m.

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Thu Sep 17 10:09:40 PDT 2009

Climate Emergency

What does it mean?  What can we do?
A Community Forum
Thursday, September 17, 2009, 7:00 pm
Cambridge Community Center, 5 Callendar St.
On May 11, 2009 the Cambridge City Council passed a resolution recognizing that we are facing a climate emergency.  Indications of the emergency include:
*  Greenhouse gases (GHGs) at dangerously high levels now.
*  The release of huge amounts of GHGs from the earth, speeding the pace of global warming.  
*  Melting ice and permafrost, widespread forest fires, and saturation of the ocean with carbon dioxide.
*  Global climate disruption happening far more quickly than scientists had predicted.
*  Dying forests, expanding deserts, severe destructive storms, floods, and droughts. 
*  Looming food shortages, global water scarcity, resource wars, rising sea levels, mass extinctions, economic devastation, millions of climate refugees.

We must act quickly.
How would you address the challenges of climate?  Would you make changes in your personal life?  In the activities of the community?  In your political participation?  Are the media providing us with the whole story?  What do you need to know to make informed decisions?
Climate and its implications are difficult problems that are here, today, and we all need to address this crisis together.  Please join us on September 17 for an open discussion on climate to share your questions and ideas, and to hear what your neighbors are thinking.  For further information, contact Steve Wineman, (617) 876-4753, steven.wineman at gmail.com.  
Please also attend the Cambridge City Council's Climate Emergency Hearing on September 24th at 5:30pm, Cambridge City Council Chambers, 795
Massachusetts Ave.
Co-sponsored by:

Green Decade/Cambridge 
Mass Climate Action Network
Mass Power Shift
The Home Energy Efficiency Team 
Cambridgeport Neighborhood Association 
350.org Massachusetts 
JP Green House 
Massachusetts Coalition for Healthy Communities
Somerville Climate Action

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