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An extraordinary mass struggle culminated on October 1, 1949, when Mao
Zedong and the Chinese Communist Party took state power, and 'China stood
up.' The 60 years since that momentous socialist revolution have witnessed
remarkable progress, albeit through many twists and turns. China has
recorded sharp growth in the past year despite a profound crisis in the
capitalist world, raising doubts about capitalist claims that it is "export
driven." What are Marxists in China discussing today? And how is the world
capitalist crisis impacting China and its leadership's commitment to
scientific development, which connects social, economic and environmental

"Marxism and China on the 60th Anniversary"
  -- presentation by Ding Xiaoqin, associate professor in the Research
Institute of Marxism, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and
deputy secretary-general of the World Association for Political Economy

"Scientific Development, the World Capitalist Crisis and China"
  -- presentation by Wadi'h Halabi, Economics Commission, Communist Party

Ding Xiaoqin has been a key organizer of recent conferences in China, Japan
and France on Marxism and globalization, and Marxism and scientific
development. One of his recent contributions challenges the validity of
capitalist "GDP" accounting.  Wadi'h Halabi studies a single world economy
from labor's point of view, assessing the interaction and conflict between
its two social systems.

*The annual celebration of the Chinese Revolution at the Center for Marxist
*place:* Center for Marxist Education, 550 Mass. Ave, Central Square,

*time:* Sunday, October 4, 2009, 2-5 pm

*contact:* bookmarx at center-for-marxist-education.com
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