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*forward widely*

Socialist Alternative is hosting many upcoming events in the first half of
October. With the economic crisis, various labor campaigns and Michael
Moore's new movie about capitalism, this is an important time for both
discussion and action for radicals. If you need further information about
any of the events listed below or if you would like to find out more about
getting involved with Socialist Alternative, then check out
socialistalternative.org and socialistworld.net. You can reach us through
boston at socialistalternative.org or by phone at 774-454-9060.

Table of Contents for this email announcement:
1. Quincy March and Rally Against Corporate Greed on Wednesday, October 7th
2. How Can We Fight Layoffs in this Recession? A discussion at Harvard.
3. Putting the Movement Back into the Labor Movement: a meeting with Steve
4. Discussing "Capitalism: A Love Story": What can we do after watching
Michael Moore's new film?*

**Quincy March Against Corporate Greed*
*Rally for Workers' Rights and Free, Quality Health Care*

Wednesday, October 7th
Starting in front of City Hall, near the Quincy Center T station

*Working people didn't create this crisis, and we shouldn't be forced to pay
for it.* The Chamber of Commerce in Quincy has been opposing the right of
workers to form a union; they have also been colluding with insurance
companies to prevent positive steps towards a quality single-payer health
system. Bank of America got billions in bailouts, yet they are still
foreclosing homes and evicting tenants. Enough is enough! *Workers and youth
in Quincy are getting organized to fight back.

*2. *

*How Can We Fight Layoffs in this Recession?*
*A Discussion with Socialist Alternative and members of the No-Layoffs
Campaign at Harvard <http://harvardnolayoffs.blogspot.com/>*

Co-sponsored by the Student Labor Action Movement (SLAM) at

*Free and Open to the public*

*Wednesday, October 7
Philips Brooks House, Parlor Room
Harvard Yard*

Millions have been laid off since this recession began over a year ago,
including many of our co-workers and friends here at Harvard. Even with the
media talking about signs of recovery in the U.S. economy, layoffs continue
around the country and internationally, including here at Harvard.  Working
people who have escaped layoffs are under more and more pressure to produce
in under-staffed workplaces while wondering if they'll be the next to lose
their jobs.

 How can workers and youth fight against layoffs that impoverish whole
communities? Layoffs need to be fought locally but also on a regional,
national and international basis. Outsourcing, both domestic and foreign,
continues to devastate as global corporations race to find the lowest wages.
The discussion continues on strategies and tactics to fight layoffs and
reinstate workers at Harvard as well as how to link fights against layoffs
in individual workplaces to a more generalized fight for jobs, extended
unemployment benefits, stopping layoffs, etc.

Attend this meeting and help further the discussion of strategy and tactics
in fighting layoffs and also learn more about on-going actions, including at
Harvard, the Oct. 1st rally in Boston and beyond.


*Putting the Movement Back Into the Labor Movement*

A Discussion with Steve Early and Bryan Koulouris

*Steve Early* is the author of "Embedded with Organized Labor: Journalistic
Reflections on the Class War at Home" (Monthly Review Press, 2009). Steve is
an experienced labor organizer and journalist, spending many years fighting
alongside sisters and brothers in the Communication Workers of America. *Bryan
Koulouris *is the editor of the Boston Organizer newsletter and the
editorial coordinator of Justice newspaper.

This will be an important discussion following up from the October 1st
demonstration against the jobs massacre. The meeting will grapple with the
question: "Which way forward for the labor movement?"

*Monday, October 12th, beginning at 7pm*

*33 Harrison Ave, 5th Floor (Encuentro Cinco)*

*Chinatown, near the South Station (Red Line) and Chinatown (Orange Line) T


*Discuss Michael Moore's New Film, "Capitalism: A Love Story" *

*Michael Moore's Right: Capitalism is Evil. Time to Organize and Fight Back!

*From the bailouts to evictions to mass unemployment and "peasant death"
policies, corporate greed is running rampant. At its core, capitalism is a
system based on exploitation. Should we depend on the Democrats to fight for
us? How can we dismantle corporate greed? Is democratic socialism a viable
alternative? Let's discuss this important movie.*

*Thursday, October 15th, beginning at 7pm*

*33 Harrison Ave., 5th Floor (Encuentro Cinco)*

*Chinatown, near the South Station (Red Line) and Chinatown (Orange Line) T
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