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*Workers World Party
National Conference Nov. 14-15*

/*Celebrate 50 years of revolutionary theory and practice
Analyzing the global class struggle and the capitalist economic crisis
Only Socialism can end exploitation, racism and war

*/*Register online today 
/Join members of Workers World Party for an important pre-conference 
discussion of the challenges facing working, poor, and oppressed peoples./
*Workers World Pre-Conference Discussion*

*Sat. . Nov. 7 - 4:00 pm*
Action Center - 284 Amory St. (the Brewery), JP
(Orange Line - Stony Brook T )
Dear Friends,

This is a time when revolutionary forces that have been in the forefront 
of the struggle against the capitalist crisis urgently need to find time 
to analyze, review and strategize on how to approach this period of 
growing hardship and great potential.

*Workers World Party urges you to join us on Nov. 14-15 at our national 
conference in New York City.

We have real contributions to make to this much-needed discussion, based 
on our 50 years of consistent revolutionary theory and practice. We are 
proud to be celebrating Workers World Party's 50th anniversary at this 
year's conference.*

We are witnessing the biggest worldwide economic crisis of the 
capitalist system since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The 
tumultuous turn of events over the past year is unlike any that most of 
us have experienced in our lifetime.

*In this global crisis, critical questions have been catapulted to the 

    * What is the next stage of the crisis? What is the meaning of a
      'Jobless Recovery'?
    * Will the working class and oppressed peoples, in the U.S. and
      around the world, be able to mount a real struggle in their own
    * With Barack Obama, as the first African-American president of the
      U.S. imperialist government, what are the unique challenges for
      Black workers, immigrant workers, the whole working class and the
      anti-imperialist movements?

This two-day conference will help us evaluate our experiences in 
organizing in many cities against foreclosures, evictions, layoffs and 
plant closings, and the united efforts to mobilize against the 
multi-billion dollar bank bailout. It is an opportunity to assess our 
organizing in Pittsburgh, before and during the G-20 Summit and to 
consider the experiences of the workers' struggles at Republic Windows 
and Doors in Chicago and Stella D'Oro in New York.

Considering the enormous opposition within Honduras to a U.S.-backed 
coup, we will take up what Marxists in the United States can do to aid 
the popular resistance. We will discuss international mass movements in 
solidarity with Palestine. We will talk about how the anti-imperialist 
movement can intervene in the increasingly contentious debate within the 
ruling class, and raise independent demands to end the occupation of the 
Middle East and Central Asia?

We want to thoughtfully consider how the deepening capitalist economic 
crisis, the endless wars and occupations, and the development of the 
class struggle, can contribute to forging greater unity against national 
oppression, women's oppression and LGBT oppression in the United States.

The conference will feature plenaries, discussion groups, and strategy 
sessions with activists from across the country representing many 
different struggles. There will be music and spoken-word performances, 
too. We are excited by the large number of youth and student activists 
who plan to attend the conference. We are encouraged by the serious 
union and community activists--who have been with us in the streets--who 
are taking the time to join us in our deliberations.

*Plan now to join us on the weekend of November 14-15 in New York City*; 
we need your participation in this important political and strategic 

We are confident that a revolutionary, multinational working-class party 
tested by decades of experience, will help the struggle for socialism to 
re-emerge stronger, with advanced prospects, in the new political world 

/*Hope to see you on Nov. 14-15. On to a great conference!*/

In Solidarity and Struggle,

/Larry Hales/ - Fight Imperialism Stand Together Organizer

/Deirdre Griswold / - Editor,Workers World

/Berta Joubert-Ceci/ - Mundo Obrero staff

/Monica Moorehead/ -  WWP Secretariat member

P.S. *We encourage you to use the enclosed coupon to register for the 
conference and to make a generous donation* to help with costs of hall 
rental, sound, childcare, food, and more---which are needed to hold a 
gathering of this magnitude. Go to workersworld.net 
<http://www.workersworld.net> for up-to-date information on the 
schedule, preregistration, and logistics---including the conference 
venue---and any political orientations.


*/As we are strategize about how to reach out and organize like never 
before, we are planning to step up our visibility with street meetings 
and with a determined effort to get Workers World newspaper to working 
and oppressed people across the country. *We need your help to do this!*

*Fall Fund Drive*--Whether you come to the conference or not, we 
encourage you to participate in our Fall Fund Drive to help us cover the 
higher costs of publishing our newspaper, and to help us organize in the 
growing fight back. We don't take our request lightly since we know that 
we ALL are facing rising living expenses. However, as the economic 
crisis deepens, an independent, working-class newspaper and organizing 
center will be crucial in providing political clarity and a 
struggle-oriented perspective.

Whatever you can donate to the Fall Fund Drive will be greatly 
appreciated---this has to be a collective effort. *Our goal is to raise 
$60,000*: Contribute online at workers.org <http://www.workers.org>.

*Supporter Program*---the Workers World Supporter Program raises funds 
for our activist paper and sustains the popular website workers.org. 
<http://www.workers.org.> Join online at workers.org 
<http://www.workers.org.>. (See "Support WW.")

*Books---Order and help get out our groundbreaking analytical and 
struggle-oriented literature, including those on the economic crisis: 
Low-Wage Capitalism and High Tech, Low Pay*.

*WW subscription*---Subscribe to Workers World newspaper, or renew your 
current subscription. Or do it online at www.workers.org 
<http://www.workers.org>. This unique paper provides a pro-struggle and 
working-class perspective and analysis. Give a gift subscription to a 
friend, or family member, or join the Subs for Prisoners program.

Looking towards the future--Help insure that the struggle goes on. 
Please add Workers World newspaper to your will. Call or write to the WW 
office if you are interested in more information.
-- /

*Workers World Party
boston at workers.org <mailto:boston at workers.org>

*National Office*
wwp at workers.org <mailto:wwp at workers.org>
http://www.workers.org <http://www.workers.org/>
http://www.workersworld.net <http://www.workersworld.net/>
Workers World TV <http://workers.blip.tv/posts?view=archive&nsfw=dc>

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