[act-ma] 11/9 @ Bella Luna ~ Milky Way: Alan Khazei seeks volunteers (Mon)

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Sat Nov 7 11:23:38 PST 2009

What: Alan Khazei Volunteer Kick-off
When: Monday, November 9, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Where: Bella Luna Restaurant ~ Milky Way, in the Sam Adams Brewery complex 2
blocks from the Stony Brook T stop
Why: To learn why Alan is running and share issues that matter to you!

Support Alan Khazei, founder of City Year, for the U.S. Senate seat vacated
by Ted Kennedy. The event is to meet and dialogue with Alan and other
citizens about the issues important to you. I believe in not only what Alan
stands for, but also the way he goes about building community through
partnership, citizen power, service, and activism. At the event, there will
be information about how to get involved in any small way you can, and a
chance to hear more about the issues and have your voice heard. It's also
just a cool venue to have some pizza and drinks

More information and news about Alan and the senate race:

BOSTON GLOBE's coverage of all the candidates:

*NEWSWEEK*: *TEDDY's RIGHTFUL HEIR Alan Khazei Should Get His Seat*

“Khazei is running a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington campaign and already has
thousands of young volunteers. More important, he's the only candidate in
Massachusetts who stands fully with the president on education.” ---Jonathan
Alter, Newsweek, 10/31/2009.


*QUINCY** PATRIOT LEDGER’s JoAnn Fitzpatrick*: *Massachusetts Deserves More
from Its Senate Candidates*

"Alan Khazei, co-founder of City Year, is the least known of the four but he
showed in the debate why he’s the class of the field. On how to stimulate
the still-faltering economy, he had specific plans for tax breaks to help
struggling small businesses. To avoid adding to the deficit, he would
restore Clinton-era tax levels."--- JoAnn Fitzpatrick, Quincy Patriot
Ledger, 10/31/2009.


*THE BOSTON GLOBE’s Valencia*:

“Khazei has worked to build an army of citizen supporters in what has become
a grass-roots movement…”---Milton Valencia, The Boston Globe, 10/29/2009.


*QUINCY** PATRIOT LEDGER's Fitzpatrick*:

“We need the best this rich state has to offer, someone unafraid to appeal
to our nobler instincts, someone who recognizes us as citizens and not
members of groups. This election is about leadership, not horse trading, and
Khazei is the candidate with the qualities we need.”--- JoAnn Fitzpatrick,
Quincy Patriot Ledger, 10/31/2009.


“After helping to save AmeriCorps when the Republicans threatened it with
extinction, Khazei worked closely with Kennedy on a big expansion of the
program that Obama signed this past spring.” ---Jonathan Alter, Newsweek,



“Khazei is just the kind of public-spirited figure voters often say they
want in politics. He deserves a closer look.”---Scot Lehigh, The Boston
Globe, 10/21/2009.
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