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The Militant Labor Forum presents:
Defend Democratic Rights!
Repeal the Patriot Act!
No to Fusion Centers!
End all government
wiretapping, spying, and harassment!
Friday, November 20,
7:30 pm 
  Working people should oppose moves by the
Barack Obama administration to renew the sections of the Patriot Act due to
expire at the end of this year. Instead, we should demand repeal of the law.
Passed with bipartisan support in 2001 and renewed ever since, the law expands
the powers of the FBI and other cop agencies to conduct spying, expanded
searches, and disruption operations against organizations and individuals.
   Fusion Centers set up in many states
including Massachusetts following 9/11 are used by different law enforcement
agencies to collect and share data on individuals.
   As the
worldwide economic depression deepens, the bosses and their government will use
such laws to confront working-class resistance as we fight to defend our
standard of living, conditions of work, and oppose their imperialist wars.
Under the guise of fighting “terrorism,” they will more and more use
wiretapping and other domestic surveillance to spy on working-class fighters
and use anything they can, including “secret evidence,” to victimize us in the
capitalist courts.
   Come to a discussion.

 Militant Labor Forum Hall
13 Bennington Street, 2nd floor, East Boston
617-569-9169 or email: bostonmlf at yahoo.com

Suggested Donation -- $5 

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By train, take the
blue line to Maverick Square Station and walk down Meridian about 5 blocks to
Bennington St., at Liberty Plaza.

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