[act-ma] Santas against Coal Convention 12/4 in Boston

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Santa Convention!
to end mountaintop removal mining!
to avert climate catastrophe!
and to have sleigh-loads of fun!

Engage in jolly tomfoolery AND demand climate justice...dressed as Santa!


Santa Conventions are happening across the country to deliver coal and
switches to the naughty EPA officials and other supporters of King Coal.

*Santa Coal Con - Boston*
Where: meet at Government Center, we'll then visit nearby EPA offices, then
ride the T to nearby supporters of coal
When: Friday 12/4, 11am ~1p

Keep reading for more details!

Santas Needed! Join us on Friday, if you can!
Email coalsox at gmail.com for more info or to RSVP.
Please try to find/make/ or buy Santa or other ridiculous holiday attire,
there can never be too many Santas!

Santa Coal Con website: http://santaclimatecon.weebly.com/
facebook event for Boston:
what is mountaintop removal?  http://ilovemountains.org


A letter, from the North Pole:

Dear Santas, Mrs. Clauses, Elves and tiny Reindeer,

Santa is fed up with having to protect his elves and tiny reindeer from
hungry polar bears whose habitat is melting away because of coal induced
Climate Change. Santa is unhappy with the destruction of the Mountains of
Appalachia by coal companies and government regulators that idly stand by or
permit this destruction for dirty energy while Santa's workshop runs on
renewables. Santa is putting his sleigh down to stop the destruction of the
coal industry!

Santa plans to deliver coal and switches to naughty EPA officials, coal
company executives, dirty energy producers, and banks that support King
Coal. Santa Conventions will be happening at the regional offices of the EPA
and other supporters Mountain Top Removal Coal Mining across the country on
Dec 4, 2009. These Santa Con events are a kickoff for Direct Santa Actions
against Mountain Top Removal to happen across the country throughout the
month of Dec 2009 and beyond!

In Boston, Santas and elves and other merry-makers will kick off the season
by visiting the Region 1 office of the EPA, to deliver stockings of coal to
the naughty EPA officials. Coal caroling, culture-jamming and genuine
hilarity are bound to ensue! The Santas will then continue on for more jolly
fun in the good city of Boston!

In keeping with the spirit of past Santa Cons, Santa hopes that these
conventions can be a protest by day and a party by night.

Ho, Ho, Ho Santa '<:o

Some videos of Santa's fun in 2008




What is Santa Con? Check out these links:



Santa’s simple Rules:

1. Be Jolly.

2. Holiday apparel is mandatory. A Santa hat is not enough. Get a Santa
suit. Buy a Santa suit. Make a Santa suit. If you don't have any money, be
creative. If you don't have any creativity just glue cotton balls to red
long johns. Make it purple. Make it pink. Make it plaid.

3. Twisting the holiday paradigm until it screams for mercy is fun! Our
santas do not destroy property, steal merchandise, or do harm to others. The
authorities and local businesses usually take Santa's antics in the loving
holiday spirit Santa intends, so be nice to them.

Santa's Reminders:

The "schedule" is open to liberal interpretation by Santa at all time. There
is no Santa in charge to call. If you can't show up for the start, get the
cell number of someone who can help you catch up later.

Santa does not make children cry. Really - If you see kids, give them nice
toys, candy, or something pleasant.

Santa dresses for all occasions. It's December. Smart Santas wear layers.
Dress to maximize merriment while singing Christmas carols in the snow.

Bring gifts -- NAUGHTY gifts to give grown ups(coal and switches); NICE
stuff to give to kids.

Watching Santa get drunk and obnoxious is fun. Babysitting Santa in an alley
or bathroom is not. Don't be that Santa.

Pay your own bar tab. Tip the bartenders generously for putting up with us.

Memorize these answers to important questions that may arise:

Who's in charge? "Santa"

What organization are you with? "Santa"

What are you protesting? "EPA or other supporters of Mountain Top Removal
coal mining"

How did you get here? "A sleigh and eight tiny reindeer"

Where are you going next? "I'm only allowed to tell you if you wear this hat
and buy me a beer."

Any other question: "HO!" (best coupled with a slight pause and a stupid
look on your face).

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