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 Volunteer with Cool JP!
What is Cooooooool JP? Cool JP is a new Boston Climate Action Network
campaign to get all of Jamaica Plain involved in stemming the tide of
climate change -- saving energy, saving money, and saving lives, all at the
same time.  State and City officials are planning big cuts in greenhouse gas
emissions, yet no one knows how to mobilize the large numbers of people who
will need to take action in order to achieve these goals: weatherizing their
homes, shifting their transportation patterns, advocating for renewable
energy, etc.

Cool JP aims to get at least 25% of neighborhood residents and businesses to
reduce their carbon footprint by at least 25% within three years.  These
goals are shared by several other “Cool Mass” communities and are of the
scale we need to prevent the worst effects of climate change and to achieve
a healthy future for our youth and ourselves.

We envision a broadly inclusive and fun campaign that reaches out to involve
all of JP – homeowners, tenants, property owners, small businesses,
institutions, non-profits, places of worship, schools, people of all ages,
income levels, and walks of life.  And we expect to create tools that can be
used to make every Boston neighborhood cool in their own way!

Working collaboratively with a variety of partners, we envision a wide range
of activities:

·        door-to-door organizing of “green blocks,”

·        networks of Low-Carbon-Living groups,

·        friendly rounds of “energy smackdown”-style competition,

·        high quality weatherization subsidized for those who need it, and

·        clear information about and access to financial incentives for
energy efficiency work for everyone.

What we need to be successful? Lots of volunteers who want to lead Boston to
a future of better energy use and lower impact. Find out how you can play a
role in Cool JP by coming to an orientation on Tuesdays at 6pm at Ula Café,
in the Brewery Complex on Amory Street. More info: 617-278-1885,
CoolJamaicaPlain at gmail.com

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