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Suren Moodliar suren at fairjobs.org
Mon Dec 14 13:09:37 PST 2009

The Meaning of the Coup for Democracy Here and in Latin America
MIT - Lecture Hall 26-100 - 6:30 PM

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Sponsored by:
* MIT Western Hemisphere Project
* Mass. Global Action
* Proyecto Hondureño
* Colombia Vive
* Democratic Socialists of America
* United for Justice with Peace
* Chelsea Uniting Against the War
* Project Voice/American Friends Service Committee
* Centro Presente
* Boston May Day Committee

With an introduction by Prof. Rodolfo Pastor, Minister of Culture of
Zelaya's government and Visiting Prof. of History at the Faculty of
Arts and Science, Harvard University

On November 29th, elections were carried out amidst de facto military
rule in Honduras. For four and a half months the country has suffered
media censorship, widespread human rights violations, brutality
against women and the LGBT community, and targeted assassinations of
resistance leaders. Though Barack Obama initially condemned the coup
which ousted democratically-elected president Manuel Zelaya, his
administration expressed no qualms with these abuses, and has
recognized the farce elections.

With this we witness the inauguration of a new model: overturn the
leftist and replace him with the oligarch. So long as elections are
realized, regardless of the conditions, the US will support you. This
is a betrayal of the sovereignty of Latin American, proving to the
world that the superpower, even under Obama, will support military
coups and mass brutality so long as they bolster US interests.

Professor Noam Chomsky, veteran commentator on Latin American affairs,
will discuss the coup in Honduras, and what it means to the
hemisphere. Join us in this evening of solidarity with the Honduran

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