[act-ma] Patrick Administration to Expand C.O.R.I. to Thousands, Despite Public Pro-Reform Stance

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The new DOC visiting policies are breaking up our communtities even  
further. You can only visit one inamte in the entire DOC???? (this  
will totally stop our ability to organize or outreach) Each prisoner  
can have only 10 visitors (and they must submit permission with photo  
id and full CORI check before being put on list)! Talk about break up  
of community and rehabilitation. Not to mention visitors not being  
able to talk to EACH OTHER (that is surely violating my civil  

We must do something!
(see more below)

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  Patrick Administration to Expand C.O.R.I. to   Thousands, Despite  
Public Pro-Reform Stance

    All Friends & Family of MA Prisoners Will Be Investigated
as Condition of Visitation.

The Department of Correction is moving quickly to institute changes to  
its Visitor Procedures that will affect friends and family in a most  
negative manner.  The policies will affect all of our loved ones and  
the health of our communities. They must be immediately stopped. Sign  
the petition, Stop DOC Changes.  Forward this message to your allies  
and people who will be affected.   Please attend the hearing so we can  
let the Commonwealth know that friends and families keep prisoners  
connected to the community.  We deserve to be treated with dignity and  
respect.  ACT NOW. Time is short and much is at stake.

Please go now to the www.massdecarcerate.org homepage. There you will  

1) PDFs of the proposed policies (and the current CMR for comparison)

2) Sample letters to Governor Patrick

3) A link to the on-line petition,

4) The DOC public Hearing will take place Thursday, February 4, 2010at  
10:00 a.m. at the McCormack Building, One Ashburton Place, Ashburton  
Cafe Function Room, Plaza Level, Boston, MA.  Please attend.

5) to be put on the action alert for more updates and news prisonalert at gmail.com
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