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BANNED IN NEWTON!Originally scheduled for the Eliot Church in Newton, this public talk had to be relocated to the friendly Armenian–American
 community of Watertown after complaints and threats from Boston area zionists.  And that was just the beginning of problems.
Audio problems plagued everyone.  Toward the end of Chomsky's talk, I started losing audio feed, as did the other videographers,, and this continued throughout the Q&A period.  Luckily, Chuck Rosina, Boston Indymedia and WMBR-FM, was recording audio, and later provided an audio CD to Radio Free Maine.  As such, I had to learn how to edit an audio CD track to DVD video and sync it.
During the Q&A period, Chomsky was unable to clearly hear questions from the audience, which caused some confusion.  
At the beginning, Episcopal Reverend Ann H. Franklin welcomed the "standing room only" audience with the revelation that the Church of the Good Shepherd "would've paid to have Nancy Murray and Noam Chomsky", "such unabashed partisans for
 justice and peace in Palestine and Israel".
After a riveting description of Gaza, as seen from the ground in November, by Boston area Palestinian justice advocate Nancy Murray, Newton Dialogues founder Prasannan Parthasarthi introduced Noam Chomsky.
Nancy Murray speaks for 14 minutes, Noam Chomsky speaks for 46 minutes and the Q&A Period is 62 minutes.
As a special bonus, all orders for this DVD will receive a free DVD of the Maine Stands for Gaza rally on 12/31/09 in Waterville.  Recorded and
 produced by Pete Sirois of Madison,
 this 58 minute Maine Social Justice production features
 yours truly, the golden throated orator of Maine, delivering a message on the Israeli occupation of Palestine from Noam Chomsky.

Radio Free Maine
Noam Chomsky and Nancy Murray
On Gaza: One Year Later                                                                                       On the siege in Gaza and its continued human, political and
economic consequences one year after Israel's Invasion

Nancy Murray, President of Gaza Mental Health Foundation, reports on her recent trip to Gaza and The Gaza Freedom March.  The historic Gaza Freedom March will take place on December 31st, 2009; it is the Palestinian people’s non-violent answer to the continuing devastation wreaked upon them by the invasion and the inhumane blockade.  Joined by internationals from around the world, tens of thousands of Gazans will march peacefully to demand an end to the illegal siege. 

December 27th marks the one-year anniversary of Israel's invasion of The Gaza Strip.  For 22 days at the turning of the year, the residents of Gaza—half of them children—were subject to a terrifying assault known to the Israelis as “Operation Cast Lead”.  More than 1300 Gazans were killed in the attacks, among them at least 70% civilian and approximately 300 children.  Numerous illegal targets were destroyed, including mosques, hospitals and United Nations facilities.  The people of Gaza--whose borders are controlled
 by land, air and sea--were trapped during the onslaught within the one of the most densely populated areas on earth.  The economic blockade imposed on Gaza predates the invasion and continues to this day. Today, residents of Gaza are
 still trapped:  with their civilization in ruins around them, their families injured or dead, severe shortages of water, electricity, medicines and food affect every aspect of Palestinian life. 

Sponsored by Newton Dialogues on Peace and War, Boston Coalition for Palestinian Rights, CODEPINK, United for Justice and Peace and Jewish Women for Justice in Israel/Palestine

Recorded by Roger Leisner and Chuck Rosina on December 6, 2009 
at Church of the Good Shepherd in Watertown, MA
Available on DVD and VHS video
For information on how to order, please contact 
Roger Leisner
Radio Free Maine
P.O. Box 2705
Augusta, Maine  04338

Email:  rleisnerrfm at yahoo.com
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