[act-ma] Witness for Peace Benefit - encuentro 5 - FRI 3/5

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Thu Feb 25 11:44:51 PST 2010

A night of music, words, and video to benefit:
Witness for Peace-New England
Echoes of Silence
Friday, March 5, 8:00pm
@ Encuentro 5
33 Harrison Ave, floor 5
Boston, MA 02111
Paul Baker Hernandez (from Nicaragua), Sergio Reyes, 
Dave Scandurra & The Excited People, The Grass Gypsys
Celebrate and learn about the hands-on work of Echoes of Silence in Nicaragua and the human rights advocacy of Witness for Peace in Latin America.
Featuring . . .
Paul Baker Hernandez - Eco-Minstrel performing Songs of Loveliness and Courage.
Paul has invaded Queen Elizabeth II’s private castle heading a posse of bishops and other church leaders protesting nuclear weapons, confronted popes with protest songs for global justice, joined Hollywood stars on Central American picket lines in Los Angeles, and helped fight off death squads attacking Salvadoran exiles right in the heart of the USA. 
He now lives in Nicaragua where he has founded Echoes of Silence, a network of “artists with broken nails” who support community health, education, ecological and cultural projects, and with whom he continues to write irreverent songs about cell phones, dictators, Starbucks, and more. 
Paul specializes in the songs of the great martyred Chilean singer-songwriter, Víctor Jara, including writing poetic English versions for singing to assist non-Spanish speakers grasp their profound meaning and message. 
Sergio Reyes – Maestro of the bean-town grassroots left. 
Born in Chile, Sergio is well known in the Boston scene for his tireless spirit of struggle and for ceaselessly speaking truth to power. He has been a driving force in the Boston May Day Coalition (www.bostonmayday.org/ ), Committee in Solidarity with the Honduran Resistance (www.hondurasresists.org/ ), and many other organizations. A former political prisoner, Sergio is a scholar of the revolutionary music of Latin America with a powerful voice and commanding guitar. 
Website:          http://www.sreyes.org/
Interview:        http://www.bostonunderground.info/article.php?id=208&issue=59
Dave Scandurra and The Excited People – Revolutionary music for the masses. 
Dave Scandurra writes, sings, and plays songs that are inspired by his activism in Boston as well as his Central American travels with the bicycle powered band The Ginger Ninjas.  He is a musical chameleon and multi-instrumentalist with chops galore.
Excited People:           http://www.myspace.com/excitedpeople
Dave Scandurra:          http://www.myspace.com/changethroughmusic
The Grass Gypsys – Acoustic fusion with a signature sound fueled by the power of two.
Husband & wife musical duo, Justin and Colleen Kleya, blend styles from American Roots music: Jazz, Blues, Rock n' Roll, Folk, R&B & World into a catalog of original music and cover songs that will blow you away, melt your heart, and rock your world.
Witness for Peace – In solidarity with the people of Latin America for over 25 years. 
WFP was founded in 1983, as the Contra War raged in Nicaragua. We established an ongoing presence there and sent U.S. citizens to accompany the Nicaraguan people in war zones and to document the “human face” of the Reagan Administration’s military policy. WFP led the way in bringing the brutal facts of those policies home to the U.S. public through grassroots education and large-scale media outreach. During this initial period, WFP established its successful model of merging the powerful forces of on-the-ground documentation, assertive media strategies, a dynamic delegations program, and stateside grassroots mobilization. 
Through the years, WFP has answered prophetic calls to accompany people most affected by harmful U.S. policies and corporate practices. Currently, our Witness has a permanent presence in Nicaragua, Mexico, and Colombia. We also have a visible presence in Bolivia and Venezuela. We document the human costs of unfair trade and military policy, transform U.S. citizens who travel with us to our sites, and mobilize a motivated grassroots network of nonviolent, and often faith-based activists who hold policymakers accountable and work for positive change. 
In the past twenty-five years, WFP developed and maintained an energized nationwide base of 15,000 members, sent more than 10,000 people to Latin America and the Caribbean on short-term transformative delegations, and sustained a highly skilled team of international volunteers in our program sites abroad. 
Echoes of Silence - Artists with dirt under their finger nails. 
Paul is an integral part of Echoes of Silence, which works to build peace with justice, through beauty and concrete action.  Beauty offers a glimpse of wholeness, keeping alive the vision of a healed world and moving people profoundly; moving them to take concrete actions to make peace-filled justice, crucially - as the very earth melts beneath our feet - environmental justice. With so many of the world's people unable to read, Echoes emphasizes the arts as vital channels for communication and interchange. We particularly support projects to end war, to reduce global warming, and to build community information and action networks locally, nationally and internationally
Endorsed by: 
Boston Interpreters Collective
Committee in Solidarity with the Honduran Resistance
Bikes Not Bombs
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