[act-ma] FW: just the first draft of The Boston Peace awards

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Mon Apr 5 20:54:41 PDT 2010

> > 
> > To you my friends and equaintinces I Dan the Bagel man am turning 
> > 50 years old on May 24th and I am dedicating my energy on this weekend 
> > to have a party for others. It will be a fundraiser for Boston area 
> > peace groups. 
> > Yes I am asking you to bring money for good causes.
> > It will be Pot luck that means everyone please bring a serving 
> > that will feed at least 8 others so we can have leftovers to take to a 
> > shelter if we want to. I do not want to have a expensive 
> > caterer this year maybe next year!
> > we will have music for your entertainment pleasure. 
> > There will be the First ever Boston Peace Awards! As I travel I 
> > am learning that Boston is a unique community unlike most in the US. 
> > We need to cherish our folk who do so much great work to help keep 
> > them inspired for all their hours without pay for most of us do it 
> > from the heart. Right now I have reserved space at E-5 for sunday or 

      monday night 
> > night and that is where you come in now. I would like to have a idea 
> > of who can come and to see if sunday the 23rd or monday the 24th is a 
> > better night. We need to know as soon as possible in case we are 
> > overwhelmed and need a bigger space. In the coming weeks I would also 
> > like to hear from you folks on what two Women and Men who have helped 
> > shaped the Boston and world peace and justice movement. 
> > 
 you can leave messages for me on my home number while I am traveling and my roomate will forward 

  them to me. 617-202-9557 thanks and have a great day!

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