[act-ma] Street Theater Workshop/May Day Prep: (Sunday, 4/25 @ e5)

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Sat Apr 24 13:00:30 PDT 2010

*Special open session developing May Day invisible/street theater actions.

*Together, we will create small, powerful skits that express and expose the
draconian immigrant, worker, and military complexes that are dehumanizing
our societies to be enacted in public spaces leading up to and on May Day.
(You don't have to participate in the public actions to be part of the
developing sessions, just bring your energy!) *Always welcoming new
**Tomorrow - Sunday, April 25th, 2010, 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

At encuentro 5: 33 Harrison Ave, 5th Floor, Close to Downtown Crossing,
Boylston, and Chinatown T Stops (www.encuentro5.org)
* ***

May 1st 2010 (Saturday)* will be full of action, here are some events:

11am - March from Rose-Kennedy Green Way
            at Hanover St. (North end) to Boston Common
            (with Bread & Puppet, and life-size puppets of
             the Chicago workers who died in 1886 bringing
            us the 8-hour work day)
            www.SaccoandVanzetti.org <http://www.saccoandvanzetti.org/>

12pm - Boston Common Rally
            (with Bread & Puppet, local & int'nl speakers
             and a Howard Zinn commemorative event)
1pm -  March through Downtown Boston

12pm - Everett City Hall to
1pm - Chelsea City Hall to
2pm - Park Lopresti (East Boston)
Chelsea Collab. 617-889-6080

Background on Theater Workshops:

Theater of the Oppressed, developed by Augusto Boal in Brazil, attempts to
dissolve the verbal barrier and the actor/spectator division by engaging
every community participant as a protagonist in identifying and dismantling
abusive power dynamics in society-at-large as well as interpersonally.

We will experiment using a number of games from the Theater of the Oppressed
canons, including Games for Actors and Non-Actors, Rainbow of Desire, as
well as from other interactive theater traditions.

A variety of games offer a direct way of feeling, hearing, and understanding
each other through body movement, sound, and image theater. Taken further,
skits explore possibilities of change by re-enacting oppressive situations
and rehearsing variations of overcoming them both individually and

Wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing!

Coffee, tea, and light snacks will be available for suggested donations of
$1-$3 (supporting *MESA sin fronteras* develop into a worker-run

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