[act-ma] 6/17: Wallace Shawn, Chris Hedges, Anand Gopal and more at "SOCIALISM 2010"!

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 speakers confirmed for the SOCIALISM 2010 CONFERENCE!from BOSTON BRANCH
Breaking news:
 Playwright and actor Wallace Shawn will be speaking at BOTH 
Socialism conferences! He will be reading from and discussing portions 
of his critically acclaimed "Essays", published by Haymarket Books.

Also newly-confirmed to speak will be Chris Hedges, Anand Gopal, Dan La Botz, 
and Nativo Lopez.

 Shawn is an Obie Award-winning playwright and a noted stage and 
screen actor (Star Trek, Gossip Girl, The Princess Bride, Toy Story). 
His plays, The Designated Mourner and Marie and Bruce, have recently 
been produced as films. He is co-author of the movie My Dinner with 
Andre and author of the plays The Fever, The Designated Mourner, Aunt 
Dan and Lemon, and Grasses of a Thousand Colours.Chris
 Hedges is a weekly columnist on Truthdig, and a senior fellow at 
The Nation Institute. He spent nearly two decades as a foreign 
correspondent in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the 
Balkans. He worked for The Christian Science Monitor, National Public 
Radio, The Dallas Morning News and The New York Times, for which he was a
 foreign correspondent for 15 years.Anand
 Gopal has reported from Afghanistan on the U.S. intervention there 
for The Wall Street Journal, The Christian Science Monitor, the Nation 
magazine and a number of other outlets. His dispatches can be found at 
 La Botz is a prominent socialist, labor union activist, academic, 
journalist, and author in the United States. He was a co-founder of 
Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU) and has written extensively on 
worker rights in the United States and Mexico. He is currently running 
for a seat in the United States Senate for the Socialist Party of Ohio.Nativo
 Lopez is a leading immigrant rights activist in Southern 
California. Lopez is the president of the Mexican American Political 
Association and the new General Brotherhood of Workers International 
Union. He is currently facing prosecution on trumped-up voting fraud 
charges. You can read an interview with him about the anti-immigrant 
Arizona billhere, and an interview about his work with the workers at 
Overhill Farms here.

View all the 
speakers who will be at Socialism 2010!

For more information 
on how you can hook up with local (Boston) activists attending this conference, 
visit http://www.bostonsocialism.org/2010/05/get-on-bus-join-new-england-caravan-to.html.

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