[act-ma] Sun May 23, 3PM Protest Against Zionist Hate March in Coolidge Corner, Brookline

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Sat May 22 04:30:04 PDT 2010

Stand Out to Defend Jerusalem and All of Palestine 

Sunday, May 23, 3pm-5:30pm 

Assemble at Coolidge Corner, corner of Beacon St and Harvard St, Brookline 

on Green Line 'C' train or #66 bus (Harvard Square & Allston to/from Roxbury) 

Jerusalem or Al-Quds is the capital of Palestine.   Before the advent of the Zionist colonial project in Palestine, for hundreds of years Muslims, Christians and Jews lived together peacefully in Jerusalem.   In 1948 Jewish Zionist terrorist groups (representing the interests of Jewish colonists from Europe) violently drove nearly a million Palestinian Arabs from their homes in an historical event known as the Nakba (the Arabic word for "Catastrophe") . The Jewish Zionist terrorists established a Jewish-supremacist colonial apartheid "state" that they called "Israel" on 80% of Palestine including the western portion of Jerusalem.   Til this day the "Israelis" have prevented the Palestinian refugees from 1948 and their descendants from returning to their homes and land in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Palestine.   In 1967 the "Israeli" military occupied the rest of Palestine including the eastern portion of Jerusalem.   Since 1967 "Israeli" settlers have been moving into East Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine.   The "Israeli" military and the armed settlers have been carrying out continuing ethnic cleansing operations -massacres, home destructions, construction of annexation walls - against Palestinians.   Ethnic cleansing is being perpetrated right now against Palestinians in East Jerusalem.   Furthermore the "Israelis" have invaded the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound and are threatening to destroy Al-Alqsa Mosque, which is the third holiest site in Islam. 

On Sunday afternoon, "Christians & Jews United for Israel" CJUI - the most extreme rightwing Zionist fanatics in the Boston area - are having a "rally and march for Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israel". Even many more moderate Zionists at least pretend to want to let Palestinians continue to live in East Jerusalem and even allow East Jerusalem to be the capital of a Palestinian Bantustan.   CJUI's position is an extreme blatant call for genocide against Palestinians, but it is also an honest representation of the real policy of the so-called "Israeli government" which is currently allowing the construction of more Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem and the destruction of the Palestinian Arab community in Jerusalem.   CJUI claim that their march is endorsed by the "Consulate General of Israel to New England".   CJUI's march will be starting at Congregation Kehillath Israel at 384 Harvard St and marching to or through Coolidge Corner and back again. 

Pro-Palestine activists will assemble at the main intersection in Coolidge Corner (Harvard & Beacon Streets) at 3 pm   to demonstrate in defense of Palestine, in defense of Al-Quds/Jerusalem, and in defense of the Palestinian Arab people who are facing genocide perpetrated by Zionists.   Please join us with signs and Palestine flags.   We might walk up Harvard Streeet together to confront the Zionist rally directly. 

Stop the Ethnic Cleansing of East Jerusalem!   

Stop the Destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque and Other Muslim Holy Sites in Al-Quds! 

All Palestinians Must Be Allowed to Return to Their Homes and Lands in Jerusalem/Al-Quds and All of Palestine! 

Palestinians Have The Right to Resist in Order to Free Their Nation From Genocidal Zionist Occupation! 

Free All of Palestine (From the River to the Sea) From Jewish-Supremacist Colonial Rule! 

There Will Be Justice For Muslims, Christians, Jews, Atheists and Everyone Else in Al-Quds the Undivided Capital of Palestine! 

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