[act-ma] This is Massachusetts, Not Arizona! and More at Open Media Boston (week of 5/28/10)

Jason Pramas jpramas at igc.org
Fri May 28 20:41:46 PDT 2010

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Hi folks! I'm back from out of town, and happy to drop this 
ultra-mega-special issue of OMB on you all. Enjoy ... Jason.

News: Prisoner Advocates Oppose "Pay-to-Stay" Amendments in State Budget 

News: LGBT Groups Protest Outside Sen. Scott Brown's Office

News: Immigrant Allies Standout at the State House

News: CORI Reform Advocates Keep Up Pressure on State Legislators

Editorial: This is Massachusetts, Not Arizona. All Out to Defeat the 
Anti-Immigrant Senate Budget Amendment.

Editorial: Open Media Boston Seeks Summer Interns

Opinion: CORI Reform Clears House

Opinion: Strikers March from Methuen to Boston to Win Justice at Shaw's

Opinion: Law Enforcement Leaders Join CORI Reform Consensus

Arts: “Sprout” Theater Dinner Brings Together Artists, Community to 
Discuss Performance in Public Space

Featured Visual by Jason Pramas

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