[act-ma] 6/12 Activism workshop: How to Frame Messages & Talk to Press @ Mass Hope 2010 Vigil, in front of State House, 4PM (Sat)

Lily Huang lily.yimche.huang at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 08:50:21 PDT 2010

6/12 Activism workshop: How to Frame Messages & Talk to Press @ Mass Hope
2010 Vigil, in front of State House, 4PM (Sat)

Mass Hope 2010 will be having a Communications and Press workshop this
Saturday at 4PM in front of the State House. This is open to all friends and
groups fighting for social justice causes and movements. Please come! (If
you cannot make it, there will be a repeat workshop Thursday the 17th at

Mass Hope 2010 is a continuous 24 hour, 7 days a week vigil in front of the
Massachusetts State House to protest Senate Amendment 172.1, to raise
awareness of this amendment to the general public and to hope that the
Senate, the Congress and Governor Patrick retract and veto SA 172.1.

SA 172.1 include:
-Creating an anonymous telephone ‘hotline’ where callers can report people
that they suspect are using false documents or hiring undocumented workers.
(This would create fear and break apart families and communities and will be
costly for MA as the gov’t will need to staff the hotline and investigate
every report.)
-Blocking limited and basic health care for undocumented people. (This would
create barriers to health care for all and put us all at risk for higher
emergency costs and communal diseases.)
-Requiring stricter requirements for housing, social security and health
benefits, for documented or undocumented people. (This requirement would
make receiving benefits for all, especially poor and lower income people,
more difficult. This is redundant because people without documents can not
receive social security, welfare, food stamps and federal housing vouchers.)
-And many more hateful anti-immigrant, costly, hateful amendments!

Also, We need you! Can you participate in the vigil?
Can your organization sponsor the Mass Hope 2010 campaign?
Can you organize a teach-in, workshop, art night, etc. at the vigil?

For more information, please visit us at the State House, anytime, day or
night! Visit www.masshope2010.com or call Lily Huang from the Student
Immigrant Movement, 857-204-5550.

Lily Huang
lily.yimche.huang at gmail.com
(857) 204-5550
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