[act-ma] Press Event to Pass the Bottle Bill Update - 7/7, 10:30am

Phillip Sego, Mass Sierra Club phil at sierraclubmass.org
Mon Jun 28 12:28:20 PDT 2010

Please Join Us at a Press Event to
Call for Passage of the Updated Bottle Bill!

The Legislature is only in session until the end of the July, and the 
Updated Bottle Bill (H3515/S1480) is still stalled in committee. With just 
four weeks before the end of the legislative session, we need to show our 
legislators that there is strong public support for it.

The Updated Bottle Bill proponents are therefore asking you to join in a 
strong show of support for this important bill and to help build momentum 
for its passage!

WHO: All supporters of the Updated Bottle Bill legislation

WHAT: A press event to call for passage of the Updated Bottle Bill; several 
guest speakers invited

Wednesday, July 7, 2010, 10:30am
State House, Beacon Hill, Boston
Grand Staircase, Second Floor

Supporters of the Updated Bottle Bill are encouraged to stay after the press 
event and visit their legislators' offices (approximately 11am until noon).

To RSVP or for questions, please contact: Phil Sego 
phil at sierraclubmass.org - or visit www.massbottlebill.org

If you cannot make it, please be sure to contact your State Representative 
and State Senator TODAY and ask them to tell leadership that they are in 
favor of passage of the Updated Bottle Bill, H3515/S1480. If you know who 
your legislators are, click here to contact them: 
www.mass.gov/legis/memmenu.htm or call 617-722-2000. If you're unsure, click 
here: www.wheredoivotema.com.


Additional information:

The Bottle Bill is the state's most successful recycling and litter 
prevention program. Since the Bottle Bill's inception in 1983, over 30 
billion containers have been redeemed, contributing to a healthier 
environment, cleaner and safer communities, and a stronger economy. But to 
keep up with the times and consumers' tastes, the bottle bill must be 
updated. An Updated Bottle Bill would expand our container deposit system to 
include non-carbonated beverages such as water, iced tea, juice, and sports 
drinks. It would decrease litter - and increase recycling.

An amazing 80% of beverages that are covered by the bottle bill are 
redeemed/recycled. But unfortunately, only 22% of non-deposit containers are 
recycled - the rest become litter, clog our storm drains, or are thrown in 
the trash.

Updating our bottle bill will boost recycling, save our communities the cost 
associated with disposal and litter cleanup, and conserve valuable 
resources. These plastic bottles are made of 99% petroleum - what an 
inappropriate waste to bury our valuable oil in landfills or burn it our or 

H3515/S1480 would (a.) expand the bottle bill to include water, sports 
drinks, flavored teas, juices, and other on the go beverages. (b.) it would 
reestablish the Clean Environment Fund, taking forfeited deposits and using 
these funds to improve recycling and other environmental projects (c.) would 
provide an industry-paid slight increase to redemption centers, who have not 
had a raise in 18 years.

This bill would not increase the deposit, and would not cost the state any 
money. This bill would help reduce litter, increase recycling, and help 
municipalities reduce collection and cleanup fees.

Endorsed by Over 150 Cities and Towns, and by over 50 advocacy Groups 
throughout the State. Enacting the update would save our cities and towns 
significant amounts, from lowering disposal costs, litter collection costs, 
and storm drain cleaning.
Increases Recycling Rates: Approximately 80% of bottle-bill-covered 
beverages are redeemed/recycled. Only 22% of NON-redeemable beverages are 

Complements Curbside Recycling: Curbside is very effective for beverages 
consumed at home. But the majority of single-serving containers are consumed 
on-the-go, out of curbside's reach.

Decrease Landfill Use: The state is running out of landfill space. The 1.1 
billion containers that we send to landfills every year would fill Fenway 
Park to overflowing.

Saves Energy, Saves Oil: Most of the containers under the update are made of 
PET, 99% of which is petroleum. Recycled PET is badly needed for textiles. 
Had these bottles been recycled, we would have saved the energy equivalent 
of about 48,000 barrels of oil.

Strong Public Support: The public is very supportive of the bottle bill, 
seeing the positive effect that it's had on the environment.
Producer Responsibility: Bearing the cost of a product's waste should be the 
responsibility of beverage producers and consumers, not taxpayers and 
communities. The bottle bill is a model for this kind of sustainable 

Creates Green Jobs: Gains in employment have been shown in nearly every 
state that updates their deposit system. Many of these jobs come in the 
recycling sector, which now produces important - and sustainable - raw 
materials to be used in manufacturing.

Keeps Current With Consumer Habits: The original bottle bill was never meant 
to be non-reactive to consumer trends. Now that 1/3 of our containers are 
not covered by the 27-year old law, we need to update it.

Revenue Positive for the State: Unclaimed deposits are maintained by the 
state. The cost of updating the bottle will not require any funding.

Supports the Redemption Centers: The bill includes provisions to increase 
the handling fee (not paid by the state). These small, often families owned 
business have not had an increase in handling fees in 18 years. They are 
currently experiencing huge increases in operating costs; many of them have 
been forced to close.

Provides Relief for Small Stores: The update allows small stores to opt out 
of taking returns if there's a nearby redemption center.

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