[act-ma] Militant Labor Forum, Saturday, July 31: The Working Class Needs to Take Political Power - Hear the Socialist Workers Party Candidates

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Wed Jul 28 10:00:58 PDT 2010

The Militant Labor Forum Presents:
Hear the Socialist Workers Party candidates for Massachusetts governor and US 
The Working Class Needs 
To Take Political Power
Are we facing a depression? What can workers do to defend ourselves against the 
wage and benefit cuts and attacks on our rights coming from bosses and the 
government? How can we build unions that fight to defend the interests of the 
majority of working people? What are the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan really 
about? Join a discussion about these and other questions facing working people 
The Socialist Workers Party candidates, Kevin Dwire for governor of 
Massachusetts and Laura Garza for US Congress, 8th District, present a fighting 
program for workers, farmers and youth to organize around today to defend the 
working class. 

Dwire and Garza supported striking unionists on the picket lines at Shaw’s and 
at Angelica Laundry.  They are taking their campaign to the demonstrations 
against deportations and other attacks on immigrant workers and against 
Arizona’s SB 1070 which increases police harassment of immigrants.  

Join a discussion on the resistance to the bosses’ attacks and the need to take 
action independent of the Democrats and Republicans or other capitalist parties, 
to defend the interests of all working people.Saturday, July 31 
Dinner – 6:30 / Program – 7:30
Militant Labor Forum Hall
13 Bennington Street, 2nd floor, E. Boston, MA 02128
617-569-9169 or email: bostonmlf at yahoo.com  
Suggested Donation -- Program: $5  •  Dinner $6 • Traducción al español
Visit themilitant.com and pathfinderpress.com 
for news, analysis, and books and pamphlets.By train, take the blue line to 
Maverick Station and walk down Meridian about 5 blocks to Bennington, at the 
Liberty Plaza

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