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****Please Forward Widely****

All of these events are free and open to the public although donations may
be sought at some.

In This Email:

1. Jill Stein for Governor! House Party in Savin Hill, Dorchester
2. Union Organizing in YOUR Workplace: A Discussion with John Harris
3. Coalition to Defend Education Planning October 7th Actions
4. Solidarity Appeals from Pakistan
5. Save the Dates: Conference with Cindy Sheehan, Speaker from Ireland, etc.

*1. Jill Stein on the Ballot! Party in Savin Hill on Saturday, September

*Jill Stein is on the ballot for November's election for Massachusetts
Governor! Jill is the only candidate on the ballot against budget cuts, and
she also campaigns for green jobs and single-payer health care. Come meet
Jill on Saturday, September 4th in the Savin Hill neighborhood of
Dorchester. From *3-6pm on Saturday September 4th*, there will be a house
party with Jill Stein at *50 Saxton Street, Apartment 3*. The party will be
hosted by union activists and Socialist Alternative members Genevieve Morse
and Josh Koritz. Call 716-598-4757 or email joshua.koritz at gmail.com for more

See the facebook page for this event here:

2. Union Organizing in YOUR Workplace: Lessons and Discussion--Thursday,
September 9th in Chinatown

John Harris, veteran activist of many social movements, has recently played
a crucial role in a successful nation-wide organizing drive of high tech
workers. John is now a negotiator of a bargaining unit represented by the
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2222 (IBEW 2222). This
union drive is rich with lessons in overcoming obstacles through
organization and solidarity in order to better the lives of working people.
Come to this discussion in order to learn, share your experiences and
prepare to organize!

The meeting will be held beginning at *6:30pm* in Chinatown at Encuentro
Cinco, the meeting space on the *fifth floor of 33 Harrison Avenue*, in the
UNITE building. In addition to Socialist Alternative, this event is endorsed
by the Boston branch of Solidarity.

See the facebook page for this event here:

*3. National Day of Action to Defend Public Education: October 7th. Actions
Being Planned in Boston!
October 7th is the National Day of Action to Defend Public Education,
building off of the momentum from the actions on March 4th of this year and
the successful student strike in Puerto Rico. With teachers being blamed for
a crisis created by under-funding and privatization, we need to stand united
against budget cuts. A group with many organizations represented has formed
in Boston to plan as united and big an action as possible on October 7th to
defend education.*

*Students from many universities, teachers, staff and community
organizations have participated in the first two meetings to plan October
7th actions. Many events will build up to this day, possibly including a
march across the state against budget cuts. The next planning meeting of
this group will be held on *Wednesday, September 15th at 6:30pm*. The
meeting will be at Encuentro Cinco, *the fifth floor of 33 Harrison Avenue
in Chinatown*. Organizations based in Boston's K-12 public education system
have expressed interest in getting further involved, and actions around
October 7th have also been called by anti-war organizations and ethnic
studies groups. We want to link up all these forces for a big, united
demonstration on October 7th. Join us!

*4. Pakistan: Flood Relief and Strike Solidarity

*Socialist Alternative stands in solidarity with the Committee for a
Workers' International (CWI), organizing in over 40 countries. Through the
CWI, our sister organization in Pakistan is currently conducting heroic work
both in flood relief and to help lead a strike of telecommunications
workers. Socialist Movement Pakistan (socialistpakistan.org) is involved in
the Trade Union Rights Campaign Pakistan (turcp.org) and the Progressive
Workers' Federation, the union representing over half-a-million workers in

These organizations have set up the Workers' Relief Committee in response to
the flood devastation. As the government response remains inadequate, they
are demanding that all aid should be under the control of accountable
representatives of the workers and poor through committees at all levels
while conducting relief themselves. The strike of telecommunications workers
involves over 26,000 at a time of very difficult conditions. Messages and
donations of solidarity are needed for both the flood relief and the strike.
See both http://www.socialistworld.net/doc/4463 and
http://socialistworld.net/doc/4467 for more information about these events
in Pakistan.

*5. Save the Dates: Speaker from Ireland in September, Conference with Cindy
Sheehan in October*
In mid-September, Cian Prendiville from the Socialist Party in Limerick,
Ireland will be speaking throughout Massachusetts about the economic
collapse in Ireland, the class struggle in Europe, the future for young
people internationally and the case for socialism. *We will post details
about Cian's tour on boston.socialistalternative.org when they arise.

*In early October, in addition to the October 7th actions, there will also
be a massive march on Washington for jobs, peace and progress on October
2nd. Socialist Alternative will have a banner and contingent on this
historic day.

In mid-October, we will host the 5th annual New England Socialist
Conference. This one definitely seems like it will be the best ever, so
we'll have a two day event with *Cindy Sheehan, Steve Early and a debate
with the Tea Party. Again, see boston.socialistalternative.or (which we're
going to start using again) for details as they arise.*

*Also, we are entering the final days of Socialist Alternative's annual
summer appeal:

-Boston Socialist Alternative
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