[act-ma] FW: Looking for "techies" for Solidarity Economy project

David O. Knuttunen webmaster at dsaboston.org
Thu Sep 16 13:30:15 PDT 2010

I forward this, because I think there are people on the Act-MA list who
might be interested in getting involved in this project.
David Kn.
Boston DSA




The Research and Policy Study Group of the U.S. Solidarity Economy 
Network is developing a project to "map" the alternative economy, and 
we're looking for people with computer skills to help.

We are both trying to integrate local maps that already exist -- mostly, 
though not exclusively, on Google Earth -- as well as create a system 
that both existing and new solidarity economy enterprises can plug 
into. There are also efforts going on overseas, so that people are 
already talking about building a global map. (I have a blog post with 
some thoughts at http://redkincaid.com/2010/06/planning-the-endgame/ .)

Everything uses open-source software. Right now, there are two main 
systems we're looking at. The Brazilians use Nofsera, which is based on 
Ruby on Rails, and the Italians use Drupal. (We will probably be going 
with the Italian system, if only because it looks like it would not 
require as much staff.) We have a wiki, which should help people 
collaborate over distance, as well as monthly conference calls -- which 
are optional.

This could make a major contribution to the struggle for socialism, and 
for people with the skills, here is an opportunity to get in relatively 
early and help guide it. Anyone interested can contact me at 
eebel at voyager.net <mailto:eebel%40voyager.net> .

In Solidarity,

Eric  (Ebel)    



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