[act-ma] Come to Arnie King's Commutation Hearing

Rev. Jason M. Lydon ccbminister at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 11:11:12 PDT 2010

This Thursday at 10:00am at the Massachusetts Parole Board, located at
12 Mercer Rd. Natick, many will gather in support of Arnie King's
commutation.  Arnie has spent far too much of his life behind bars yet
he continues to contribute greatly to our larger community.  Arnie has
the support of the Black Ministerial Alliance, the Black Caucus at the
State House, countless professors and city leaders, endless youth
workers, and many, many more.  To read more about Arnie go to -


"In the words of City Councilman Felix Arroyo, 'Rehabilitation is an
immense and difficult process. For all of us even to change a habit
takes so much focus and commitment from ourselves … and to change …the
way you are and to be able to transform yourself is an amazing
process. I look with amazement at Mr. King, who showed us (through his
own behavioral process)…that, yes, this is possible.'  Mr. King has
outlined these life changes in legal filings of petitions for
commutation of his life sentence from December 1987 – April 2007,
through his published writings, through his 30 successfully completed
furloughs, and through his professional job opportunities. He has
lived his life in honor of the one he took by creating the youth
development programs of “Through Barbed Wire” and “Prison Voices” that
consults with schools and agencies on youth issues and crime, that
counsels students and parents, and that trains prison inmates to
become better human beings upon returning to the larger society."
~Marva King

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