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Greetings!  See the second presentation below; all welcome; pls. RSVP of
possible to Susan Dowds.  


BASEN (Boston Area Solidarity Economy Network)

>From:Â Susan Dowds <[ mailto:sjdowds at comcast.net ]sjdowds at comcast.net>
>Date:Â October 9, 2010 9:21:06 PM EDT
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>Subject: [KEY] Earth, Air, Fire and Water - Two Presentations Set

>The Earth, Air, Fire and Water series of environmental presentations at
>Cornerstone, sponsored by Soul Committee, has two presentations set for
>November and December. Â I hope you'll take advantage of the chance to
>hear from these world authorities and to ask your own questions!

>Sunday, November 7, 2010, 2-4 p.m., Common Room
>PETER ALDEN, Naturalist, Lecturer, Author, Eco-Tourism Guide
>"The Invasives Crisis in Cambridge"

>Thanks to Mary and Mike, we are going to be treated to a wise and
>humorous presentation by world-renowned naturalist Peter Alden. Â He's
>the author of 15 books on North American and African wildlife, including
>the National Audubon Society's Regional Field Guide Series. Â He is
>considered a world authority on world wildlife, the Polar regions,
>invasive plants and biodiversity of the Northeast. Â He's a wonderful
>lecturer, sharp, knowledgeable, and funny! Â He'll have slides. Â I asked
>if he had a long enough cord for his projector--he said it would reach to
>Fresh Pond.

>Mr.Alden was born and raised in Concord, MA, was a camp counselor for the
>Massachusetts Audubon Society, and studied geography and Latin American
>studies at the "Harvard of the Sonoran Desert," the University of
>Arizona. Â He helped created the world's first non-profit seven continent
>eco-tourism travel department for Mass Audubon, was vice president of
>Lindblad Travel, and was a pioneer in the scouting and first departures
>of birders and naturalists to many Third World countries. Â His safaris
>and nature tours have spanned every continent, all of the oceans, and the
>Polar regions, including numerous cruises on the Lindblad Explorer,
>Polaris, and other ships.

>In 1998, along with Dr. Edward O. Wilson, Mr. Alden created the world's
>first true "Biodiversity Day" at Walden Pond and ran similar events in
>300 Massachusetts towns over the next four years. These have spread to
>15 countries. Â In Concord he carried out the first ever town-wide
>inventory of all populations of invasive alien trees, shrubs, vines and
>herbs, resulting in the town's public works agency removing many of the
>infestations that were threatening public safety.    His interests
>include all visible biodiversity, conservation issues, historical changes
>in the landscape, climate change, and the invasive alien plant and animal
>crisis affecting us today. Â He divides his time among writing books and
>articles, lecturing, and leading expedition cruises and safaris
>throughout the world.

>Mr. Alden will bring books to sell, including his now well-known New
>England field guide. Â Please bring your checkbook, as he cannot provide
>change and does not have a credit card apparatus. Â His books make great
>gifts, and are not expensive. Â Obviously no purchase is required.

>Sunday, December 5, 2010, 2-4 p.m., Common Room
>Â HUBERT MURRAY, FAIA, Hubert Murray Architecture and Planning (HMAP)
>Â Manager of Sustainability Projects, Partners HealthCare
>Â Title of presentation still to come

>Did you know that by 2045, the water level of Boston Harbor is projected
>to have risen between 12 and 36 inches? Â Like all coastal cities
>throughout the world, Boston faces the sea-rise that climate change is
>bringing our way. Â Â Instead of reacting to disaster when it comes, Mr.
>Murray is urging Boston to pre-empt it.  An expert on urban
>infrastructure, Murray will discuss expected sea-rise for Boston, and a
>possible flood barrier similar to the floating barriers of Venice,
>London's Thames Barrier, and Delta Works in the Netherlands. Â 

>Murray is  a renowned architect and planner, and as Manager of
>Sustainability Projects for Partners HealthCare, works to protect health
>through greater energy, materials, and operational efficiencies; higher
>environmental standards in the purchase of products and materials; and
>safe and sustainable standards in operations such as food service,
>patient care, research labs, cleaning, and transportation. Â Educated in
>the United Kingdom, Hubert Murray has over thirty years experience as an
>architect working in the United States, Britain and East Africa on a wide
>range and scale of buildings and urban projects. Â He was Chief Architect
>for Boston’s Central Artery Project from 1989-98.  

>Mr. Murray's presentation will include slides. Â He lives in Cambridge,
>and lectures widely on this and other topics. Â We are very fortunate to
>be able to bring him to Cornerstone. Â Â 

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