[act-ma] 10/20 & 10/21: "Right Turn in U.S. Politics: How It Happened & How We Can Stop It"

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The Right Turn in US Politics: 
How It Happened & How We Can  Stop It

Two Meetings:

Wednesday 10/20 3pm
Rm 3540
3rd Floor Campus Center
UMass Boston

Thursday 10/21 7pm
Haymarket People's Fund
42 Seaverns Ave
Jamaica Plain, MA

Featuring Eric Ruder, a longstanding antiwar activist, a reporter for SocialistWorker.org and an editorial board member of the International Socialist Review magazine.

Just two years after Obama's election on the promise of change, the right wing conservatives are the ones setting the debate in Washington.  Proposals for massive budget cuts in the name of cutting the deficit.  Pushes to privatize public education and break teachers unions.  Open attacks on immigrants. Increasing racism against Arabs and Muslims.  The Obama Administration has overseen the deportation of over 300,000 immigrants over the last two years, and refused to repeal DOMA and DADT.  Both Republicans and Democrats have pandered to the bigotry of the Tea Party's persecution of an Islamic Community Center in downtown Manhattan.

Yet poll after poll consistently show that America is not turning into a center-right nation. 92% of Americans want a society with greater income equality, 51% believe gay marriage is a constitutional right, a majority support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and the trajectory for people under 30 today is to the Left. 

But socialists believe this process is not automatic.  It takes struggle and the building of movements against oppression and austerity today to build the forces in this country that can radically transform society. Join the Boston Branch of the International Socialist Organization for a discussion on taking on the Right in this era and building the Left through our organizing in Boston.

For more info or to download the flier for this meeting, visit http://www.bostonsocialism.org/2010/09/thurs-1021-public-forum-right-turn-in.html.

contact at bostonsocialism.org

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