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Family and Community Resources, Inc.

Fall 2010 Newsletter

Fall Newsletter

October 2010

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Known as the silent epidemic, domestic
violence affects approximately one in four women in our communities.  And although
this epidemic is not a disease, the consequences can be deadly.

In this issue Patricia Kelleher writes about the stark reality of domestic violence
in our communities today in "Domestic Violence Never Sleeps." In recent years, we
have realized significant gains in awareness to break the silence in our society,
and more services are available to victims devastated by such human atrocities. 
 Unfortunately, with the sharp rise in reported incidences over the last 18 months
it is sadly apparent we need your help more than ever.

Also in this issue FCR is excited to announce the receipt of a $400K grant from 
Safe Havens: Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Grant Programthrough the Department
of Justice.  The grant is the result of the ongoing collaboration between FCR and
the Town of East Bridgewater, and will facilitate the development of two new visitation
sites that will serve the south coastal area of Plymouth County and expand services
in Norfolk County.

Fundraising in the dog days of summer turned out well for FCR at the Satisfaction
Dinner and Show at Showcase Live at Patriot Place this past August.  It was a wonderfully
fun and successful evening with the ab-fab Interational Rolling Stones Tribute Band
rockin' the best, help from an unsparing group of sponsors and in-kind donors, as
well as a very generous crowd in attendance.

Penny Proud is a sweet story of youngsters raising money to benefit women and children
affected by family violence. And lastly, a touching letter of happiness and hope
 from an FCR client to her Fairy Godmother Advocate.

Fall Into Patriots Tickets

Don't Miss Our October Fund-Razor Tonight!

October 19th - 5 to 7PM
McGuiggan's Pub
546 Washington Street, Whitman Center
Complimentary Appetizer Buffet provided by McGuiggan's
Free Redhook Ale on Tap
It's not too late to purchase your raffle tickets!
$20 Raffle Tickets to win a pair of Patriots vs. Vikings game tickets
Sunday, October 31st  -  4PM at Gillette
Includes Pig Roast Tailgate Party and Free Parking
Drawing Tonight at McGuiggan's
You need not be present to win
Purchase $20 Raffle Tickets atwww.fcr-ma.org [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=rkhczscab&et=1103800204495&s=1399&e=001KlWHVC3I0QlEqlg8VH6pnEH0p45JIIRCfudhl1kONDPoFjyf6bEsTYQ7YeCQbHWL-xgVTkRxJZHL7Es0ULn6fhesqGd5VqdN9tyzBBOEbjhCPZ7bqxkPCw==]
or at the door
For more info contact Karen Slaby:
karen [mailto:karen.slaby at fcr-ma.org].slaby at fcr-ma.org [mailto:karen.slaby at fcr-ma.org]
or 508-583-6498

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Domestic Violence Never Sleeps
by Patricia Kelleher
Each October so many of us are thinking about apple picking, hot cider, football,
pumpkins, cooler nights and better sleeping weather. October is also Domestic Violence
Awareness Month and even with the cooler weather, Domestic Violence never sleeps.
According to Sue Else, President of the National Network to End Domestic Violence
- In the 16 years since the passage of the Violence Against Women Act, the silence
surrounding domestic violence has been broken -  resulting in outreach to thousands
of survivors, prevention of countless incidences of abuse, and saving untold numbers
of lives. While these are critical achievements, domestic violence remains a devastating
public health crisis when one in four women will be physically or sexually assaulted
by a partner at some point in her lifetime.
Here at Family & Community Resources, Inc. (FCR) we created Massachusetts' first
 supervised visitation program in 1991 to provide a safe haven for custodial parents
who had been victims of family violence in order to facilitate visits between children
and their non-custodial parent in a safe, nurturing atmosphere.
In 1994, the FCR Brockton Center expanded to include a distinctly separate reunification
program for biological parents who had lost custody of their children and were involved
with the Department of Child and Family Services (DCF), offering supervised visitation,
parenting support and parenting groups. FCR's visitation program for victims of 
domestic violence is now recognized as a model by the Massachusetts Department of
Children and Family Services Domestic Violence Unit (formerly DSS). FCR also established
the first mobile supervised visitation program in the country.
But, even as these programs provide the intended care, with each new year Family
 & Community Resources, Inc. sets a new record for the number of crisis calls and
the number of victims seeking services. The Board of Directors, management, staff
and committed volunteers hear the compelling stories of victims and their children
and worktogether to make certain all who request services receive them. In the majority
of cities and towns we serve, local police departments report that domestic violence
is the highest number of calls responded to by their officers as well as the highest
number of arrests. The epidemic of Domestic Violence continues to affect all aspects
of our communities - all ethnic and cultural backgrounds and all economic levels.
Unfortunately and tragically as the numbers of domestic violence incidents have 
increased so has the number of homicides. In 2007, 42 domestic violence murders 
were committed in Massachusetts, accounting for 55 deaths. These deaths included
 intimate partners and their children and 13 suicides committed after the offender
killed his/her loved ones. This number is nearly three times the total number of
 deaths in 2005. This trend is both alarming and unacceptable. In FCR's service 
area alone, Plymouth County accounts for five of these 42 domestic violence homicides.
Norfolk County accounts for three. Of these eight murders, eleven people lost their
lives, including three offenders who took their own life after murdering their intimate
partner. In the first homicide/suicide the police had never been called to the house.
In the second homicide the offender strangled his estranged wife and eight year 
old daughter and attempted to kill himself. The police had been involved with the
family previously, but in a very limited manner. The third homicide also ended in
In the six years prior to 2007, Plymouth County had a total of twelve intimate partner
homicides taking the life of nineteen people including three suicides after the 
murders were committed. As of September 20, 2010, there have been 34 deaths as a
 result of domestic violence homicides and related perpetrator suicides in Massachusetts
- four in Norfolk County alone - resulting in the loss of eight lives. This homicide
rate across the state and in Plymouth and Norfolk Counties is staggering.
So, beginning this month, locally, regionally, nationally we are urging everyone
 to take a stand against domestic violence, to end the silence on domestic violence,
and to give hope to survivors and their children.
Domestic violence affects everyone, and everyone needs to be a part of the solution.

* You can help.
* Your civic organization can help.
* Your business can help.
* You can volunteer or donate items to a local domestic violence shelter or program.
* You can sponsor a program that supports the efforts of a domestic violence service
* You can say no to any form of violence against men, women and children, often 
our silent victims.
Because, the fact of the matter is this: While so many of us are thinking about 
apple picking, hot cider, football, pumpkins, cooler nights and better sleeping 
weather......even with the cooler weather, Domestic Violence never sleeps.

FCR Shares In $400K Safe Havens Federal Grant

Building on its more than 30 year record of service to families and individuals 
impacted by domestic violence, FCR is excited to announce the receipt of a $400K
 grant from Safe Havens: Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Grant Programthrough
the Department of Justice.  The grant is the result of the ongoing collaboration
 between FCR and the Town of East Bridgewater, and will facilitate the development
of two new visitation sites that will serve the south coastal area of Plymouth County
and expand services in Norfolk County.

The goal of the program is to increase supervised visitation and exchange options
for families with a history of domestic violence, child abuse, stalking and/or sexual

Working in collaboration with East Bridgewater and in concert with police departments,
legal services, the courts, town administrators and victims who have previously 
used visitation center services, FCR will help to develop and implement a program
that will create two new visitations centers where none currently exist and where
there is limited public transportation.  Additionally, this funding allows for expanding
FCR bi-lingual services and existing visitation services at other FCR locations.

"Ultimately, this grant will allow us to serve a population currently isolated from
critical services at a desperate time in their lives. The funding is very exciting
for us at FCR, but more importantly, it is very good news for victims of domestic
violence and their families," states Patricia Kelleher, FCR President & CEO.

Attorney David Madoff, FCR Board Chairman adds, "This is terrific news. With the
 need and demand in the region growing every day, knowing that our participation
 will make safe visitation services possible for victims of domestic violence is
 just one reason I'm proud to be a part of the FCR team."


FCR Rocks Satisfaction
Saturday, August 14th, (Brockton) Family and Community Resources held its summer
 event, Satisfaction Dinner and Show at Showcase Live at Patriot Place in Foxboro
to raise funds for the Child Witness to Violence Program.  The International Rolling
Stones Tribute Band put on a brilliant show and an audience of over 200 had a rockin'
good time.  The Online and Silent Auction proved to be a huge hit with quite the
 spirited bidding...especially on the Mick Jagger and Keith Richards autographed

Thank you to our sponsors: Bay State Gas, HarborOne Credit Union, Horizon Beverage,
Tavolino Pizza Gourment, Staples, Patriot Place, Renaissance Hotel, Job-Guy, Brockton
Liquors, Boston Beer Co., Green Tangerine, Salon Marcel, Julie Saltis, Cindi's Diamond
& Jewelry Gallery, and Source4.


Penny Proud

Earlier this year, a sister and brother team from West Bridgewater decided to make
a difference and raise money to benefit the women and children victims of domestic
violence.  So they set out with their large water jug on a mission with an inspired
message and collected change, mostly pennies, from their classmates, neighbors and

Karleigh Yuskaitis, currently a freshman at West Bridgewater High School, and her
little brother Zachary Stowe, a first grader at Rose L. McDonald Elementary, were
absolutely overjoyed when they learned they had collected over $75 to help fund 
the SafeHome program at Family and Coummnity Resources.

Counting change and counting blessings is very natural to this fundraising duo since
their mother, Catherine Stowe, is a program director at FCR and works with families
affected by domestic abuse and violence.

"I am so proud and excited for them," said Catherine, "because they're so delighted
at what they have accomplished. They realize their effort in encouraging others 
to give a little can add up to mean a lot to a family in need of emergency safe 

Hello My Fairy Godmother
-- a letter from a domestic violence client to her FCR Advocate
Hello My Fairy Godmother,
I thank you because you have given me wings to fly.  I have found my mentor, the
 person I have longed to find for so many years.  I look at you and I see me, and
I have never looked so good.  I am sooo happy that I met you and have gotten to 
know you.
I just wanted to say thank you because you are the adult I have been looking for,
that someone to look at and say, I want to do what she does. You stand tall, strong
and beautiful. I want to follow you. If there were more people like you in this 
world, it would no doubt be a better place.
Thank you for directing me to the Jane Doe website -- the job posting was for members
only. I wanted to let you know I am here and ready to work as hard as I can to earn
my place.
Again, thank you so very much for your time and words of stars!  I sooo look forward
to working with you soon.
(name omitted for confidentiality)

In This Issue

Domestic Violence Never Sleeps
FCR Shares $400K Safe Haven Federal Grant
FCR Rocks Satisfaction
Penny Proud
Fairy Godmother
Fall Into Patriots Tickets


Fall Into Patriots Tickets

Tuesday, Oct 19  5 - 7PM
McGuiggan's Pub
546 Washington St
Whitman Center

Purchase $20 Raffle Tix
at www.fcr-ma.org [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=rkhczscab&et=1103800204495&s=1399&e=001KlWHVC3I0QlEqlg8VH6pnEH0p45JIIRCfudhl1kONDPoFjyf6bEsTYQ7YeCQbHWL-xgVTkRxJZHL7Es0ULn6fhesqGd5VqdN9tyzBBOEbjhCPZ7bqxkPCw==]
or at the door
Comp Appetizer Buffet
Free Redhook Ale on Tap

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Tuesday, October 19th 5-7PM at McGuiggan's Pub in Whitman Center

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Friday, March 11, 2011

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