[act-ma] 10/25 On Climate Change w/ UN Ambassadors, Pablo Solon & Julio Escalona; also featuring Claudia Salerno & Charlie Derber (Monday @ BC, 6:00 - 9:00)

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>From Copenhagen to Cancun:
Interpreting Development, Sovereignty & Global Environmental Governance
October 25th , 2010 6-9pm
Lyons Dining Hall, Boston College (140 Commonwealth Avenue,)

flyer here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1042836/flyer-2010-10-25.pdf

Update: Recently Businessweek quoted Pablo Solon on the lack of
progress on emission reductions at the Tianjin (China) preparatory

“We don’t see any kind of movement from developed countries to
increase the level of emissions reduction,” Solon said. “If we had a
set of commitments that assured developing countries that the measures
will cool the planet, these talks would be moving very well.”


Monday's our chance to hear the full story!

Four qualified experts, scholars and international negotiators will
address the opportunities and challenges contained in the UN
discussions on Climate Change as they debate on questions such as:
What are the visions and differences between the North and the South
in such discussions? Is economic development compatible with
environmental justice? How can national sovereignty issues be
addressed in the context of an international environmental governance
system? Join this panel of dynamic experts as they shed light in these
crucial issues.

October 25th , 2010 6-9pm
at Lyons Dining Hall, Boston College (140 Commonwealth Avenue,
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467)
Maps, Directions, Parking, Public Transportation:
Free admission, dinner will be served


Claudia Salerno Caldera, Special Envoy on Climate Change for the
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Pablo Solón, Ambassador to the Permanent Mission of the Plurinational
State of Bolivia to the UN

Julio Escalona, Adjunct Ambassador to the Permanent Mission of the
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the UN

Charles Derber,  Scholar, writer, and former Director of Social
Economy and Social Justice Graduate Programs at Boston College

About the Panelists:

Claudia Salerno Caldera is the Special Envoy on Climate Change for the
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Director of International
Institutions at the Multilateral and Integration Affairs Office for
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  A renown environmentalist, Ms.
Salerno holds degrees in International Relations and a Doctorate in
International Environmental Law.  She represented the Bolivarian
Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), a regional cooperation
bloc between eight Latin American and Caribbean countries at the UN
Climate Change Conference in Tianjin, China.

Ms. Salerno interview at Tianjin:

Pablo Solón Romero is the Ambassador of the Plurinational State of
Bolivia to the United Nations, and principal negotiator on climate
change policy. Mr. Solón was one of the designers of the World
People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth
in Cochabamba, Bolivia, which took place last April, 2010. Formerly
Bolivia's Ambassador for issues concerning Integration and Trade, he
also served as Secretary to the Union of South American Nations
(2006-08) and as President Evo Morales' delegate to the Strategic
Reflection Committee for South American Integration (2006). An
activist as well as a diplomat, Solón has worked for many years with
different social organizations, indigenous movements, workers unions,
student associations, human rights and cultural organizations in

Mr. Solón interview at Democracy Now:

Julio Escalona is the Adjunct Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of
Venezuela to the United Nations.  He holds degrees in Economics,
Geopolitics and Environmental Issues. He is the former Director of the
School of Economics and former head of the Department of Human
Development at  Central University of Venezuela (UCV) in Caracas.
Escalona is also Professor of Economics, General Economic History,
Economic Education in Latin America, Contemporary Marxism and
Contemporary Social Problems.  He has coordinated research seminars on
economic integration, local economies, local development, alternative
technologies, and has been a participant and guest lecturer at
seminars, forums and academic institutions in Peru, Brazil, Japan,
Paris, Mexico and the US.

Some articles by Escalona about Climate Change, globalization and
international issues:


Charles Derber is a Professor of Sociology  and former Director of
Social Economy and Social Justice Graduate Programs at Boston College.
Derber is a prolific writer, offering not only sociological critiques
but alternative visions for development. His recent books focus on
climate change, capitalism, globalization, terrorism, the culture of
hegemony, and the power of multinational corporations. His op-eds,
essays, and interviews have appeared in The Boston Globe, Newsweek,
Business Week, Time, Newsday, and other magazines. He frequently makes
appearances on television and talk radio, including National Public
Radio. His works include “Greed to Green: Solving Climate Change and
Remaking the Economy” (2010).

Derber speaks on connections between climate change, militarism and the economy:
Charles Derber Speaks at IDEAS Boston 2009

These are comments on his new book, From Greed to Green:
“Charles Derber’s urgent call to action on climate change connects to
realistically upbeat ways to help resolve our energy, peace, and
employment challenges. To read this book is to react with personal and
social action."
—Ralph Nader

"There's no way to solve climate change without also shifting, in
profound ways, our idea of what constitutes success and growth and
progress. This is the right book at the right—and crucial moment.”
—Bill McKibben, author of The End of Nature and creator of the
student-based "Step It Up" campaign

Event sponsored by Mass. Global Action,  the Majority Agenda Project
and the Consulate General of Venezuela in Boston

Co-sponsored by the Sociology Department - Boston College, National
Lawyers Guild

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