[act-ma] Westboro Baptist Church Counter-Protest With Love

Andrew Wasser awasser8 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 11:03:30 PST 2010

You've read about them in the papers, watched them on T.V...well now is your
chance to finally meet America's biggest hate-mongering group, the Westboro
Baptist Church! They're anti-gay, anti-America, anti-abortion and probably
anything else you think of that promotes human dignity and liberty...but one
thing they are, above all, is anti-tolerance.

Join Queer Action of Rhode Island, as we meet face-to-face with Westboro
Baptist Church in a peaceful counter-protest. Details will remain scarce
online, so that Westboro Baptist Church will have no idea what to expect
(and trust us, they spend hours sifting through the internet, searching out
any information they can find.)

The Phelps clan (WBC) will be protesting Framingham High School's drama
production of the Laramie Project. If you are not aware, the Laramie Project
is a play based on the life and unfortunate death of Matthew Shepard, a
victim of a GLBT hate-crime. Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered, in cold
blood, by two men who were uncomfortable with Matthew being gay. The
Westboro Church condones murdering the GLBT community, as many of their
signs have indicated such.

Please join Queer Action of Rhode Island as we brave the cold to show the
warmth of love in support of both Matthew Shepard and the Framingham High
School drama club.

Who: Queer Action of Rhode Island and the community-at-large

Where: Framingham High School, Massachusetts

When: December, 4th 6-8pm

Why: To show the Westboro Church that the community cares, we will bring a
message of love to outshine their messages of hate.

- from the facebook event page.
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