[act-ma] 12/15 - Audacious Arts with a Tango Twist

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Fri Dec 10 22:58:57 PST 2010

Join us on December 15th for e5's special exhibit opening! Original artwork
and dancing share the halls*, *featuring 2 imaginative artists and a Milonga
(free basic dance lesson provided).

WHAT: Oils & Acrylics by Carlos Mora-Ninci,
                Graphic Design by Klara L'ashenko,
                Free Dance Lessons/Milonga Reception
WHEN: Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 8pm to late
WHERE: *encuentro 5* -  www.encuentro5.org
                  33 Harrison Ave. 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02111
                  Close to Downtown Crossing, Chinatown, Boylston T stops

 >> Featured Artists:
*Carlos Mora-Ninci (Argentina)* - Evocative oils and acrylics connect the
global community with textured struggles of rural Argentina and Cordoba
Province. Each brush stroke refracts stories from the mountains and their
people. Sinewy, tortured, and even broken landscapes speak to majesty and
turmoil (studiomora.org/ahora/).

Mora-Ninci has made contributions both as a writer-scholar-activist in the
social sciences, producing research and authoring a book on the struggles of
Chicano/as and US Latinos for the right to hold a relevant education, as
well as in his artistic themes through visual ideas. Carlos is painting and
building ecofriendly concepts with new visual messages. *Artist will join
event direct from his studio in Cordoba via video conference.*
*Klara L'ashenko (Ukraine) - Captivating and original graphic design that
challenges the textures of time and tradition with a refreshingly daring
irreverence for realism. Landscapes and moods enter a vortex of creativity
in a collection of works inspired from photos taken in India, Greece, and
Peru. *
*L'ashenko was a vocal opponent of both invasions of Afghanistan, from the
Soviet Union and the USA, raising my brother and me between the two, and
immigrating to the States in 1986.** Recalcitrant and non-conformist,
L'ashenko's creativity first erupted as the producer of a** daring and
socially progressive theater troop in Lviv, Ukraine. L'ashenko is now
secretly a poet and builds her home in the mountainous countryside of
Bulgaria. **Artist present.*
*Why Tango at e5?* Tango has a fascinating history, born in the
working-class neighborhoods of Montevideo and Buenos Aires, with roots in
African rhythms and the Cuban habanera. Originally a sensual dance performed
by two men, Tango has been developed, in other words domesticated and
commercialized, into a Western cliche that has little to do with its raw and
powerful nature. However, few human conversations can compare to the subtle
and profound listening summoned in the dance, its surrendered flow of
resonance, and the bold convergence it displays, placing it into a category
of communication all its own. In this world of crisis and injustice, it is
effective to organize, to resist, to build alternatives, ... and to dance
our anger, our freedom, and our love. Beyond genders and borders, real
Tango, like true art, reclaims something inexpressible...

Join us for a unique experience.

In love and rebellion,
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