[act-ma] Share your story - quick SoJust survey (procrastinating? we have a skillshare for that)

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Tue Feb 1 08:38:43 PST 2011

Hi fellow activists and organizers,

Our open house, Connecting for Justice on 1/27, was a huge success - over
110 progressives of all stripes attended - check out the
Did you attend and make a connection? Share your success
story<http://www.sojust.org/messages/boards/forum/1398514>on our
Message Board. On Yelp? Write
us a testimonial!
<http://www.yelp.com/biz/socializing-for-justice-boston>Most people
can't believe we're really that friendly and that the networking
is really that amazing - your testimonial helps spread the word about what
our cross-issue progressive community and network is really like. Thanks to
all who generously donated to keep SoJust going and growing! Special thanks
to the SoJust STARZ - our regulars who help us create a welcoming community
space. Become one of the SoJust STARZ! Attend 3 SoJust events and earn STAR

Before we get to all the great upcoming events,* we'd like to ask you to
take a quick survey<https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dFlSeTN2YUdqLXUwVkZ6UmFoTG50T0E6MA>
*. Through SoJust we have met some truly amazing people. We'd be grateful if
you'd take the time to read and respond to this
Aside from your name and the 1st question, none of the questions are
required. Filling out additional responses will help guide the planning of
SoJust in 2011 as we move toward our 5th anniversary in September. ***If you
are receiving this you are qualified to respond - prior event attendance not
a requirement**
* *
Monday, February 7 from 6PM-8:30PM*
* Skillshare: Overcoming Procrastination, Perfectionism, Blocks and Fears*
The NonProfit Center, downtown Boston
Presented by Hillary Rettig, author of "The Lifelong Activist: How to Change
the World Without Losing Your Way."
After the workshop, participants typically feel energetic and empowered and
eager to go home and make some of the changes we’ve discussed. Many later
report making more progress on their goals than they have in a long time.
*RSVP: *http://www.sojust.org/calendar/15899136/

**Sunday, February 20 from 2-4PM
Games for Justice
Dot2Dot Cafe in Dorchester
RSVP: *http://www.sojust.org/events/16372777/*
Monday, March 7 from 6PM-8:30PM*
*Skillshare: Fundraising - Getting Past the Fear of Asking*
Presented by Robbie Samuels
*RSVP:* http://www.sojust.org/events/16373242/

For Justice,

Robbie Samuels
Co-Founder & Co-Organizer Socializing for Justice
@sojust <http://www.twitter.com/sojust>|

*Socializing for Justice isn't a non-profit 501(c)(3).* We're a grassroots
volunteer-run member-supported group that's been growing steadily since
August 2006. We now have over 1600 members, we've hosted over 85 events and
we manage an online hub of progressive events and resources at www.sojust
.org. If you've benefited from this cross-issue progressive network please
contribute the suggested annual membership fee of $25. You may do this
online <http://www.sojust.org/dues/> or at any of our events. Thank you for
helping us continue to provide a space for like-minded progressives of all
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