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UJP Activist: WGBH Workers Need Your Support! (corrected)


[The links did not work in the last message.   They are corrected here - UJP]


Workers at WGBH, our local public television and radio stations, are fighting
for the basic right to have an effective union in their workplace.  They are
members of AEEF/CWA Local 1300 [2], and have been organized for nearly 40 years.

In the past, WGBH has bargained in good faith with their workers.  This time,
management has brought to the bargaining table a complete rewrite of the
contract, demanding that workers give up basic union rights and renegotiate the
whole document.

WGBH has gone so far as to justify their actions by freezing wages and reducing
the benefits of unorganized workers and demanding that organized workers do the
same.  When the contract expired, the company took the nuclear option to not
extend the contract and discontinue collecting dues.

The offer from management is impossible for workers to accept.   Take a minute
to let WGBH know that you support the workers!

Click here to take action and send a message to WGBH! [3]    You can write
your own message -- personalized communications are more effective.  (If you
are a WGBH donor, be sure to mention it...)

Management is demanding:

ability to subcontract any and all bargaining unit work

ability for management and unorganized workers to do bargaining unit work

unlimited and unregulated use of unpaid volunteers to do  bargaining unit work

ability to assign new work to unit members with no obligation to bargain over
the terms (including training and the potential for discipline for poor
performance of the new work)

ability to terminate your favorite on-air hosts without cause or due process

new standards for arbitrating the discipline of all union employees that would
make it easier for the employer to discipline or discharge those members

new prohibitions on most forms of collective action during term of contract that
would silence our voices

to significantly reduce many benefits employees have come to rely on including
severance, sick leave, retirement contributions and personal time

employees who are currently above the top of the wage scale won’t get even a
modest annual wage increase

What makes matters worse....

In fiscal year 2009, WGBH workers agreed to serious and deep cuts to their wages
and benefits, some workers losing more than 30% of their income.

At the same time that workers were taking cuts to help WGBH solve a financial
crisis, the heads of WGBH awarded themselves bonuses totaling more than

This is not behaving fairly to employees.  We believe that management should
take negotiations seriously and negotiate.  We believe management should be
responsible like they have been in the past and respect the union.  We believe
in fairness at WGBH.

Click here to take action and send a message to WGBH! [4]    (If you are a
WGBH donor, be sure to mention it...)


United for Justice with Peace [6] is a coalition of peace and justice
organizations and community peace groups in the Greater Boston region. The UJP
Coalition, formed after September 11th, seeks global peace through social and
economic justice.

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