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> City Life/Vida Urbana continues to fight foreclosures and corporate  
> greed. Will you help them beat back the bank attack!
> From: M Griffiths <mgriffiths at clvu.org>
> Date: February 5, 2011 12:05:59 PM EST
> To: M Griffiths <mgriffiths at clvu.org>
> Subject: blockade list - 3 vigils Wed Feb 9
> 3 Vigils, 3 family homes, in 1 evening, around 1 common theme…Come  
> join in the fight!!
> Wednesday Feb. 9th (details below)
> What will happen? There will be 2 vigils at 5:30.
> Half hour vigil in Dorchester: The Rodriguez family
> 52 McLellan St. (off Blue Hill Ave).  5:30 to 6 pm.  We leave at 6 pm.
> Half hour vigil in Mattapan: The Marks Family
> 265 Itasca St. (off Cummins Hwy).  5:30 to 6 pm.  We leave at 6 pm
> We will then gather in Mattapan Sq. at 6 (corner of River and Blue  
> Hill) and do a candlelight march at 6:30 pm to the 3rd home.
> Candlelight vigil in Milton: The Beliard family
>              21-23 Austin St. (off Rt. 138, just outside of Mattapan  
> Sq.)
> Common theme: BCC made offer and the bank wants more. GREED is no  
> reason to EVICT!
> Our demands:
> Ø      Let the families stay and pay rent.  Sell occupied.  If  
> someone buys who signs affidavit they want to move in, we will move.
> Ø      If you can’t get a purchase and sale, then sell to BCC!
> Ø      OR, Refinance the loan at the real value and take a share of  
> any increased appreciation.
> The Rodriguez family.  Eligible for a new mortgage.
> BCC offered 225 but Greentree wants 275.
> .
> The Marks family.  Eligible for new mortgage.
> GMAC took it back at 166, BCC offered 133 and they want 197! (shame  
> on them!)
> The Beliard family.  Eligible for a new mortgage
> BCC offered Midfirst (US Bank) 300 and they want 375
> Enough is Enough!! We are determined to stop these evictions. The  
> Beliard’s may face the soonest eviction. We will block this eviction  
> if necessary.
> Other cases where we did protests in the last few months
> Dumerant – vigil in Everett in September
>             A new owner bought from the bank and began a new  
> eviction.  The Dumerants have offered to buy out the investor at the  
> price they paid plus a little bit more.  We are waiting for the  
> results.
> Barzola – vigil in Randolph in October
>             Fannie Mae stopped the eviction and was considering  
> taking rent.  Fannie has now rejected taking their rent.  We may  
> plan further actions against Fannie
> Lebrun – vigil in Stoughton in November
>             Bank of America originally refused to negotiate with BCC  
> until the Lebrun’s were evicted.  After our vigil, they began  
> negotiating.  The Lebrun’s are now getting their house back!!
> Pierre – vigil, several auction protests, march to Sovereign – Nov.  
> to January
>             Sovereign agreed on a price with BCC but attached the  
> condition that the Pierre’s could not rebuy.  After several rallies  
> and protests at FOUR auctions, the auctions have been cancelled.   
> Apparently Sovereign will resume negotiations.
> St. Simon – 2 vigils and 2 eviction blockades in Hyde Park
>             After the last eviction blockade Jan. 27, the eviction  
> was put off.  The Bank must now go to court to renew their  
> execution.  We will oppose
> Other auction protests
> Other auction protests in the last few months have resulted in (1)  
> postponments of the auction, (2) sale to the bank, or (3) sale to  
> BCC.  There have been no sales to investors who would seek eviction.
> Thanks in advance for your commitment and support.
> In solidarity,
> -Melonie
> -- 
> peace, love and unity

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